Deadmau5: Fuckmylife, Tumblr, Twitter & Holden Caulfield

(I wrote this up for EDMTunes. Give them some love for letting me make obscure literary references to rave kids: )

Deadmau5EDMTunes and I have been a fan of Deadmau5 for a very long time and we’ve been following his recent exploits(wxyz) closely. I’ve been a fan of the way that the maestro of synth works with ideas but recently, I think we’ve begun to see a side of Joel (I know I can’t call him that but it’s easier to type than Mr. Zimmerman or Deadmau5 or trollmau5 or TimHortonLover) that we don’t get from any other producers or DJs in the community. Joel reminds me very much of J.d Salinger, with their mutual creations (deadmau5 & Holden Caulfield, respectively) having affected Western culture profoundly in their own ways. Holden is a man alone against the world (or so he thinks), who both despises those who would prey on the weak and innocent, but also wishes to be heard by those same people. And I think the way that Deadmau5 uses social media right now, is the way that Holden Caufield from Catcher in the Rye would if he existed in a world with internet, and don’t worry, it’s not because they share a penchant for outlandish headgear (stay with me now).

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