Kickstarter Alert: Vourteque’s Electro Swing Album – The IRON And JAZZ AGE

Vourteque - The Iron & Jazz AgeOne of the best parts of Chicago is DJ Vourteque. This guy is one of the coolest people I know, and has been doing ridiculously dope electroswing music for about as long as I’ve been in the scene. This kind of stuff is one of those genres that is eternally underrated. I love where he goes with it, and want to make sure we get as much signal boosting on this as possible.
There’s a preview online and if you’re into this kind of sound, I highly recommend you check it out. Hot Sinner is a jump-jive-&-wail kind of track that will keep you moving with your best girl. Sean Guinan does some classic vocal work & it keeps pace perfectly with the swing. No Teeth has Joe Harbinson doing some old school guitar blues that we’ve not heard in decades. This old school vibe mixes with an almost industrial backdrop giving this some serious punch. Fire Lighter brings in some retro trumpet, so it will have my heart forever. Lyrics + vintage Jazz is a huge and this Professor Elemental needs to get me his mixtape yesterday.

The Kickstarter is doing well, so let’s push him over the edge, get this thing funded and get him out to NYC to play it live eh?

Merry Christmas! A Mix & A Track To Fight The Carols With!

Just in case you needed something that vaguely qualifies as Christmas music, Johnny Lectro has got you covered. This amusing electro-swing/polka track will keep the whole family moving while you warm up them Christmas vittles (or wait for Chinese delivery, you know, same thing). If that doesn’t serve up enough merryment, TheFatRat has pushed out another hour of supremely groovy, fast-paced & excellently produced mix goodness. TheFatRat is one of my favorite things about the LA area right now, and I can’t wait to see them live.

Enjoy both, have a wonderful Wednesday, may your Christmas be merry, your Kwanzaa wonderful, your Boxing Day bountiful & your New Year’s Sunny & Bright. And of course, if you celebrated Festivus on Monday, I hope there were many airings of grievances and you succeeded in all of your feats of strength.

“America Fuck Yeah!” Tour: Boston comes out Swinging!

In an effort to ensure I don’t get fat, happy & fundamentalist by only looking at one city and it’s scenes, I’ve decided to start branching out and trying to hit places outside of Gotham where I can see how other cool people do cool things. This weekend, by way of a very dear friend, I was able to check out a sweet, underground electro-swing party in Boston. As I moved past the standard, fist-pumping, lite-beer-swilling, Avicii-spinning (that last one is new) Irish bar the front room of the bar contained, I pondered on eventual fist-fights between party-goers. Wherever my mind was going,by the time I’d checked my coat and paid my tab, It had gotten sidetracked by the Charleston and St. Germain cocktails by Macchu Pisco.

I’d like to say that there was something kitsch about what was happening, or that NYC does/did it better in the 90’s, but I can’t. It was an honest-to-God swing dance party with fun DJs and cool people. Vests, pocket watches, a liberal dollop of fedoras, shiny shoes, fast moving feet, girls spinning like tops and a respectable amount of martini glasses ensured there was no posing or biting in this crowd. The group wasn’t as cocky or flashy as what you’d find at a scene party in Gotham, but people also approached nervous others on the perimeter of the dance floor to ensure they shook their butts to the retro-amazing as well. Something I’ve never seen at a party in NYC, the varsity dancers approaching the JV with a confidence and warmth I didn’t think possible, and I’ve been checking out dance floors since the Clinton years. Continue reading