Amanda Palmer Made Something Really Important. Again.

Amanda PalmerIf you don’t know who Amanda Fucking Palmer is, check out the Dresden Dolls, her TED Talk & record-breaking Kickstarter. People hate the player, but she’s redefined the game, that one should be hating. Her dedication, commiseration & open communication with her fans is rare, deeply personal & stupendously effective. This debut release on her Patreon is crushingly beautiful. Dedicated to Anthony Martgnetti, Jeff Rusch, husband of the cellist, who died from cancer after initially being denied treatment and Jeremy Geidt, legendary teacher & actor.

It’s the little things that Mrs. Palmer focuses on, and as we all know, they make all the difference. A ukelele & cello are the only instruments in use here, besides Mrs. Fucking Palmer’s stunning voice. Amanda Palmer is able to get into the small little corners of your heart with the slightest word or the simplest chords. And nowhere is that on display better than here. The lyrics are not only perfect, but they’re also crucial. There are so many people suffering around the world, with many doing so in the pursuit of helping others. Depression, illness, existential stress, rape, child abuse, creativity, hope & resolve are all topics she flies through with the wink of an eye or a single shed tear. Listen to the track, support Amanda Fucking Palmer & Zoe Keating in this tremendous effort, and hug the people you love. We are all bigger on the inside.

“We are so much bigger on the inside,
You, me, everybody
Some day when you’re lying where I am
You’ll finally get it, beauty

We are so much bigger
Than another one can ever see

Trying is the point of life
So don’t stop trying

Promise me”


Kickstarter Alert: Vourteque’s Electro Swing Album – The IRON And JAZZ AGE

Vourteque - The Iron & Jazz AgeOne of the best parts of Chicago is DJ Vourteque. This guy is one of the coolest people I know, and has been doing ridiculously dope electroswing music for about as long as I’ve been in the scene. This kind of stuff is one of those genres that is eternally underrated. I love where he goes with it, and want to make sure we get as much signal boosting on this as possible.
There’s a preview online and if you’re into this kind of sound, I highly recommend you check it out. Hot Sinner is a jump-jive-&-wail kind of track that will keep you moving with your best girl. Sean Guinan does some classic vocal work & it keeps pace perfectly with the swing. No Teeth has Joe Harbinson doing some old school guitar blues that we’ve not heard in decades. This old school vibe mixes with an almost industrial backdrop giving this some serious punch. Fire Lighter brings in some retro trumpet, so it will have my heart forever. Lyrics + vintage Jazz is a huge and this Professor Elemental needs to get me his mixtape yesterday.

The Kickstarter is doing well, so let’s push him over the edge, get this thing funded and get him out to NYC to play it live eh?

Eyes & Ears: Toad & Friends By David Katz

Tonight, I want to bring you a project done by some amazing friends of mine. They’re down to the wire and so close to their goal so I definitely hope some of you check your pockets to make this thing happen. TOAD is an absolutely fantastic piece of art that proves you can get both form & function right. The Toad roving mobile sound vehicle blew my mind at my first PEX back in 2011. The roving DJ was jamming out and there was this party just following it, wherever it went. The thing returned in 2012 with even more DJs, sweet lights and  lasers. Freaking laser beams. It has gone to some of the best underground events in NYC when space & weather allows. My photographer managed to capture it being wonderful outside of the Kostume Kult costume give away for the kids at Figment last year. Beats, costumes and kids laughing, it’s a good thing, ya know? Not only is the tech amazing, but so are the people making it happen.

Boris, Lori & David are 3 of the Burner core that keeps the underground in NYC moving. No seriously, they sometimes actually have to grease physical wheels to keep shit going. Kostume Kult produces some of the most consistently awesome parties in NYC with DK as one of the leaders of that merry band. Boris has been DJing probably longer than I’ve been alive, and if you’ve gone to an underground party, you’ve probably seen an event or an attendee decorated by Lollygoa.

I hope they’ve crossed the threshold they need for funding by the time you reach this, and I hope you give afterwards too. Every dollar will go to make Toad more fantastic. These 3 will do everything they can to use that cash wisely. Trust that you’re not going to be poolside at PEX next year with TOAD showing up with rims or weird hydraulics. Dope ass speakers and a disco ball however? Very possibly. Get at the sets in this post and just imagine that following you around. Or not, if you’re not cool enough to donate.

The bassAware Drop Is Now Available For Purchase! Personal Bass FTW!

The surprisingly awesome bassAware system (named “The Drop”) that I wrote about being Kickstarted (is it a proper verb? I feel old) a while back has arrived for retail sale! It’s coming in at approximately the same price as the kickstarter, a little less if you were late to the game. Just in case you thought I was kidding, it’s totally bass on your body. From the item description:

The device uses a tactile transducer placed on your upper back – this is a special type of audio driver creating vibration rather than sound. These sensations travel through your body to the inner ear where your nervous system translates these felt vibrations into “heard” sounds. The result is an immersive bass experience that no one but you can hear or feel.

One of the points that the inventor brings up that I think is important to note, is its utility for touring DJs. There’s very poor monitoring in the vast majority of venues, and the bass/sub-bass is even worse. Using this, a DJ can get a sense of what’s coming out of his outputs, without obliterating their hearing or lugging studio monitors on the road.

Ten Questions with Terry Gotham: Electric Candy Couture

1. For anyone who didn’t read any of the promo/information materials, can you give us a brief overview of what Electric Candy Couture is? Electric Candy Couture is my line of glowing & light-up wearable art. I laser cut and engrave acrylic components, and use stainless steel chains and rings to make jewelry, accessories, and costumes. I’m a huge fan of ancient mythology and lore, so I’ve poured a lot of that inspiration into my work, blending old world aesthetics with modern materials. The pieces fuse neon with Neolithic, to evoke an incredible other-worldliness. Two of my most popular pieces: I’ve designed Egyptian-style shoulder armor that lights up, and valkyrie-inspired halter tops that look like shimmering rainbow feathers. When people wear my stuff, jaws hit the floor all around them. It transports people into a fantasy. There’s nothing out there quite like it.
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