E.A.S.Y. Comes Around Again With Coming Around Again.

The Dynamic Duo is back! E.A.S.Y. have returned (that title kinda kills it from an SEO perspective right?) with a new live remix. This time, they’re busting out all the stops and there’s a giant table of turntables, buttons, keys & knobs for them to use. They blow into good form and push into a point that I really needs to start being made about live production. Like, this kind of trick performance is stuff that we don’t see outside of the turntablism competition, but I think if we’re going to get out of the shallow end of the “EDM isn’t music” critique, we need to start adding some performance with the knob twisting. There are plenty of ways to make dance music a LIVE experience, and we’ve seen it from A-Trak, The Glitch Mob, Ratatat and plenty of others. Time to add E.A.S.Y. to the mix.

ENFERNO’s Live Mix Of 3005 Needs Gambino’s Attention

ENFERNO, master of the live mix, dropped a gorgeous rework of 3005, one of the ill joints from Childish Gambino. This guy has been making “press play” DJs look awful for years now, and he’s no stranger to hip hop. The future bass edition of 3005 needs to be featured in a live show as soon as possible. The live edition shows just how much it takes to really make some of the music we’ve come to expect, but right in front of your face. You can score a free download of the track over at Audiomack, so there’s even that going for it. Really, what’s not to like? Hat tip to Vman from Fresh New Tracks for this tip, as always.

E.A.S.Y. Blows Minds! Enferno & Shiftee Drop Crazy Live Mix Of Turn Down To Death!

From now on, any time someone wants to whine about DJs don’t make music and EDM isn’t “real” I’m just going to push this video into their face. ENFERNO & Shiftee are some of the best live performers I’ve ever seen. The reworking of “Turn Down To Death” (that SNL Digital Short lampooning Avicii & big room house from a few months ago) is exactly what I need to shut down the whole “it’s not real music” argument with extreme prejudice. The technical skill & perfect execution by the two of them is proof of what can be done by DJs that don’t just “press play” (to quote the illustrious deadmau5). This video is a must watch and make sure to check out ENFERNO & Shiftee’s other work.