Mix Of The Weekend: Porter Robinson’s Essential Mix [Smooth Vibes, Insane Feels]


Porter Robinson is having a stellar year, with this Essential Mix being a highlight. This two hour sonic voyage brings in the sensibilities of the music nerd with the inventive imagination of every crazy boy genius you’ve ever read about. The mix is lush, full, inventive and masterfully mixed. I approve of all uses of Chrome Sparks, the Clint Eastwood he drops is incredible, and there’s even a Kingdom Hearts shout out 28min in. The Flume remix of Lorde and about a dozen other great tracks are highlights. He’s got the time to really work with his sounds and it goes swimmingly. He also features a bunch of tracks off his hotly anticipated new album, so there’s another reason to put it into your face. Listen to this in the sun.


Midnight Music: Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill (Indie Trip Hop)

So, if you read NME today, you heard that the Gorillaz singer & the guy who yelled “Wooo Hoo!” in Blur, Damon Albarn has enough material to make a new Gorillaz album. But he’s not. Because he hates kittens or something. On Melancholy Hill was one of my favorite tracks off the last album, so here it is for your Throwback Thursday, and Mr. Albarn better get to finishing those tracks so the Gorillaz fans worldwide don’t have to turn into an angry mob.