Midnight Music: Tielman Brothers – Rollin Rock [Indonesian Rockabilly]

For #tbt, we’re going way back. I present to you the classic rockabilly sound of the Tielman Brothers. This is performance like you don’t see anyone on stage really attempt anymore. Granted, they had way fewer sounds to make back then, and you had to make them all sequentially without messing up. Like at 2:55, when the frontman plays his guitar behind his back, while standing on the bass…that is being played at the same time. Drum solos, bass solo while lying down, a whole lot of talent here. These guys are legends, trust me, go ask your parents. So put the oldest of school into your face, then get annoyed when a bunch of low-effort DJs can’t even get into their sets this weekend.

Midnight Music: Volor Flex – Vişnu [Garage Breaks]

Volor Flex - VisnuFor Throwback Thursday, I wanted to give some love to the now defunct Volor Flex. Alex Frolov of Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia does so much work in the future bass, dark chill, and menacing drum & bass spheres. Volor Flex produced 4 albums and Sabo, the one this track came from, was his last. The bass progression & production value on this song is without equal. Make sure to listen to this garage breaks track on a system that has great low end & sub bass response, because most of the awesome shit going on in this tune is in the basement. This track is so much like Burial you’ll probably ask why he stopped producing under this moniker. He’s going some very interesting work under the new alias of Trampique. A recent album by Trampique was a moody chromatic triumph, which you can listen to here. Huge fan of Alex, can’t wait to hear what he does next.

Midnight Music: Armin Van Buuren – Ping Pong Education (Revolvr Bootleg) [The Best Ping Pong Remix. Period.]

For Throwback Thursday, you’ve got a familiar tune with a radical twist on it. If you’re an oldster like myself, you’ll probably recognize the Pink Floyd before the Armin Van Buuren. If you’re under 25, you’re probably wondering who the hell is yelling over your anthem trance. This is what party music used to sound like kids, except with guitars instead of decks & fistfuls of acid instead of fistfuls of molly. Revolvr pushes out a massive bootleg of Armin Van Buuren’s Ping Pong, adding a fantastic layer of counter-culture and a serious rock aspect to the tune. I frankly prefer this remix to Armin’s original, and I’ll be jamming out to this for a while I wager. #tbt

Midnight Music: The Crystal Method – Keep Hope Alive [Vintage Dance!]

This is one of my favorite classic tracks of all time. The Crystal Method is more important to American dance music than most realize. This track, the theme to an acclaimed NBC Law & Order style show called Third Watch is everything good about classic dance music. If you hear this and don’t get transported to around a decade or two ago, listen again. You won’t regret it. Catch The Crystal Method at Escape Festival this Oct (More info here). I saw them back in 2011 at Identity Fest, and you bet your ass they put on a great show. Gotta school the younglings somehow.

Midnight Music: The Beatles – Blackbird

For Throwback Thursday, I wanted to bring it all the way back to 1968. There’s a lot of perfection in this tune. If you’ve never heard of it, I’m frankly astonished, but I can’t ever judge anyone’s blindspots. The chords and the build are deceptively spot on. The imagery has been sliced and diced a thousand different ways, so I won’t comment on what the words mean. I’ll leave that to you. I used to listen to this and many other Beatles songs with my Dad. What songs do you still listen to that your parents passed to you?

Midnight Music: The Beatles – Because (The Zap Remix) [Psychedelic Chill]

For Throwback Thursday, I’m going all the way back to the Fab Four, but with a significantly more modern & eccentric twist. The Zap, a collaborative group between Raja Ram & Prometheus, pushed the limits of the original track in a lot of ways here. They know what they’re doing however, so sit back, and enjoy the psychedelic chill ride that you’re about to go on. Also, the pictures dropped into the video by the YouTube artist are great for WTF moments.

Midnight Music: Arkasia – Soldiers (Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin!)

Tonight, for throwback Thursday, I present a duo of tracks using the pinnacle of sample work, taken from one of the first films to use actual audio. Mr. Chaplin was born today, and because of that, I’m picking two tracks showcasing “The Great Dictator” one of Charlie’s only speaking roles and one responsible for one of the best soliloquys in all of cinema. Above, Arkasia provides a stunning orchestral dubstep track that features the tune prominently & below, I’ve got one of my favorite MitiS tunes. Mr Suicide Sheep continues to provide YouTube portal goodness and allows me to use the tracks as a proof that you should celebrate the birth of one our most astonishing actors & comedians. Because if you can listen to these tracks without being touched, I’d check for a pulse. You may not be human anymore.

Midnight Music: Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill (Indie Trip Hop)

So, if you read NME today, you heard that the Gorillaz singer & the guy who yelled “Wooo Hoo!” in Blur, Damon Albarn has enough material to make a new Gorillaz album. But he’s not. Because he hates kittens or something. On Melancholy Hill was one of my favorite tracks off the last album, so here it is for your Throwback Thursday, and Mr. Albarn better get to finishing those tracks so the Gorillaz fans worldwide don’t have to turn into an angry mob.

Midnight Music: Body Language by Queen (Holy Crap 80s)

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, I’m taking you all the way back to the early 80’s. While most people know Queen for their over-the-top anthems & Waynes’s World references, this music video reminds that there was a time when this shit was scandalous, and you couldn’t just twerk on stage without being savaged in the media…wait…where was I going with this? Oh right, being scandalous. So there’s a lot of that in the video, but there’s also this almost soothing beat that was pretty ahead of its time if you think about it. It gets NSFW fast so watch out.