Just FYI, DJ Hodor’s Deep House & Electro Mixes Are Freaking Good.

So, it came out that the person who plays Hodor on Game of Thrones was also a DJ. “DJ Hodor,” or Kristian Nairn (as he’s referred to by people not being dicks about it) is actually pretty solid. The mixes he’s got up on his Soundcloud right now are definitely better than a lot of the upstarts out there. The first being a solid deep house mix that definitely keeps you moving, even when you feel you can’t go on. The second is a punch and energetic electro/progressive mix with some big room chops. It’s almost as if he can help power you through where you’re at and knows what you want, even if he can only answer in his own special way. Now that I’ve finished torturing this metaphor, check out the two mixes below and hit up his tweetery.

Midnight Music: Eclectic Method – Hodor [Hodor Electro]

Now that you’ve finished your weekly emotional manipulation at the hands of HBO & GRRM, I bring you something I can’t quite explain, or decide entirely whether I love or despise it. Eclectic Method does some amazing mashup work and has built a pretty dedicated following over the last few years. You can tell there’s a severe level of mastery when it comes to the sophistication of some of these tracks, and it seems this new one is taking the idea even further. A pumping, upbeat electro tune, made entirely from hodor-related samples. It’s one thing to make electro, it’s another thing to make electro just from “Hodor.” I’m not sure if this is more of a commentary on the genre or this guy’s insane mastery of the medium. What do you think?