Eclectic Method Is Back!

This kind of annotated video isn’t something we see very often, but just in case you wanted a little refresher on the origins of the music you’ll be dancing to all summer, check Eclectic Method‘s video out. People generally never remember it, or cleverly forget it when they’ve lifted something profitable from the past (coughrobinthickecough). While it’s a little light on the morass of darkness, just in case you wanted something a little more geeky fun, I’ve got a bonus video from Eclectic Method just on lightsabers. Because, when you’re as good as the Eclectic Method at video editing, you can make a music video from pretty much any sound you want. Check it & more of his projects out at his site.

Oxfam, Simon Pegg & Eclectic Method Team Up To Talk Inequality.

Almost 1/2 of the world’s wealth is now owned by just 1% of the world’s population.

I know, not exactly the subject matter you were expecting on this Thursday morning, but Eclectic Method got about 18,000 people to send in videos of them making songs & dances. It seems that when you give this guy literally days worth of footage, he can make a beat using anything. Hand claps, kazoos, Simon Pegg (not kidding, he’s totally a core part of the backbeat I swear), and a whole lot of jolly good fun seem to be where this tune comes from. Eclectic Method is known for his bonkers mashups and this one is for a great cause. So give it a listen and learn more about Oxfam International & their fight against poverty worldwide.

Midnight Music: Eclectic Method – Hodor [Hodor Electro]

Now that you’ve finished your weekly emotional manipulation at the hands of HBO & GRRM, I bring you something I can’t quite explain, or decide entirely whether I love or despise it. Eclectic Method does some amazing mashup work and has built a pretty dedicated following over the last few years. You can tell there’s a severe level of mastery when it comes to the sophistication of some of these tracks, and it seems this new one is taking the idea even further. A pumping, upbeat electro tune, made entirely from hodor-related samples. It’s one thing to make electro, it’s another thing to make electro just from “Hodor.” I’m not sure if this is more of a commentary on the genre or this guy’s insane mastery of the medium. What do you think?

“I’m tired of ignoring that I march to a different beat.” ~Charlie Sheen

While he may be a coked out, tiger bloodied jackass who blew one of the best gigs in Hollywood, but hey man, if that’s what it takes to be true to yourself, then you’re definitely #winning in my book. Don’t let someone else silence your beat. Eclectic Method dropped this cute remix of his interviews when that whole thing exploded back in 2011, just in case you need a minor win this morning.