Midnight Music: Eclectic Method – Hodor [Hodor Electro]

Now that you’ve finished your weekly emotional manipulation at the hands of HBO & GRRM, I bring you something I can’t quite explain, or decide entirely whether I love or despise it. Eclectic Method does some amazing mashup work and has built a pretty dedicated following over the last few years. You can tell there’s a severe level of mastery when it comes to the sophistication of some of these tracks, and it seems this new one is taking the idea even further. A pumping, upbeat electro tune, made entirely from hodor-related samples. It’s one thing to make electro, it’s another thing to make electro just from “Hodor.” I’m not sure if this is more of a commentary on the genre or this guy’s insane mastery of the medium. What do you think?

One thought on “Midnight Music: Eclectic Method – Hodor [Hodor Electro]

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