Midnight Music: Jaymes Young & Phoebe Ryan – We Won’t [Vocal Indie]

Jaymes Young is the He Man to Phoebe Ryan’s She-Ra in the Eternia that is Indie Soundcloud. Now that we’ve put that exceptionally tortured metaphor behind us, this track is exquisite. Phoebe Ryan joins Jaymes for one of the best duets since that summer we were all singing about “now you’re just somebody that I used to know.” This skill when it comes to lyrical genius and tonal perfection from both singers is second to none, and I really do believe both of these artist need solo pop careers. Each has been featured on this site before, Jaymes earning an Earworm of the Month tip, with Phoebe being my Valentine’s Day release. The mastering is second to none as usual, so I really hope this goes le viral.

Earworm Of The Month: Dark Star by Jaymes Young

I’ve been listening to this song incessantly & obsessively. Been listening to it since last year, for the specific reason that it’s one of the finest blends of soulful, potent indie vocals and future bass that really needs to get some production eyes on it. I’m not really sure how else to describe my love of the song but that if it was something I had in high school, I’d listen to it on my cd player daily. The music video is new, and the soundcloud link is below if you want to add it to playlists. There’s some powerful artistry at work here and I can’t wait for Mr. Young to get into a wider audience because this tune has movie soundtrack/epic pop hit written all over it.