Midnight Music: Jaymes Young & Phoebe Ryan – We Won’t [Vocal Indie]

Jaymes Young is the He Man to Phoebe Ryan’s She-Ra in the Eternia that is Indie Soundcloud. Now that we’ve put that exceptionally tortured metaphor behind us, this track is exquisite. Phoebe Ryan joins Jaymes for one of the best duets since that summer we were all singing about “now you’re just somebody that I used to know.” This skill when it comes to lyrical genius and tonal perfection from both singers is second to none, and I really do believe both of these artist need solo pop careers. Each has been featured on this site before, Jaymes earning an Earworm of the Month tip, with Phoebe being my Valentine’s Day release. The mastering is second to none as usual, so I really hope this goes le viral.

Phoebe Ryan Does The Best R. Kelly Ignition Cover Ever. Perfect For Valentine’s Day.

Phoebe Ryan - Ignition & Do YouWow. Can we get way more of this please? Just in case you needed some gender flipped fun in your Valentine’s Day, Phoebe Ryan has got you covered. I’ve been sitting on this for just this special occasion. This is easily be best thing that has ever come out of R. Kelly’s “Remix To Ignition” that scourge of frat room dance floors during the oughts. (zero’s? naughties?). The subtle infusion of “Do You Like Love?” is a potent uplift for the tune which she carries forth swimmingly. Kudos to Ms. Ryan, so check out her news single and go hug something. (via Stoney Roads)