Earworm Of The Month: Lido’s Thoughts From The Tour Bus

Lido – Thoughts From The Tour Bus

This kind of sound is dangerously honest. Lido created this tune in response to his account being frozen by Soundcloud I believe. In which, you can hear the frustration with the touring, inauthentic life. The shot about riders & refreshments, being alone with speakers and everything else shows his existential annoyance with that whole life. Shining through the words is Lido’s signature perfect production. The bass and frisson-inducing chords are exactly where they need to be. He’s got this infectious way to take an original and turn it into a far superior version. This kid’s got the Midas touch so hopefully he’s got some good people around him to steady him as he blows up. In a year’s time, he’ll be an EDM household name. Just watch. You heard it here first.

Earworm Of The Month: SubVibe – Lemons [Portal Dubstep]

SubVibe - Lemons

SubVibe – Lemons

It’s been a tough month, so I needed something with a little more punch. In this post-dubstep era, the rare tunes that still effectively leverage the wubs earn my respect. This one came out over the weekend and it’s been on repeat. I am going to inflict this on everyone I know, so you might as well get it over with. This has a beginning that evokes the best of Portal. This is the greatest motivationalstep I’ve ever heard. I don’t think that’s a genre, but this anthemic massive vibe that the step & quotes bring forth is really potent. Even just the quote:

Do you know who I am?! I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down!

With the Lemons.

There’s some great guitar work halfway through, showing that SubVibe aren’t resting on their laurels and keeps you engaged. This is critical with dubstep. It needs to change up or we stop paying attention. 3min in, when the quote comes back, the hardness is in full effect and it crosses into the realm of Seven Lions and the best of the best. This track totally blew me away, and I don’t say that about many things. The energy drops back down after more surprisingly good guitar work, leaving me hoping for more. Alright, I’m into it, let’s bring dubstep back just for Portal.

Earworm Of The Month: Tielsie – Hueboy (DJ Clap Remix) [Chip Footwork]

Tielsie - Hueboy (DJ Clap Remix)Music that makes me sit up in my chair, music that’s different than anything I’ve heard before, that’s what I’m here for. Tielsie does some amazing work in what I can only describe as the future footwork space. This kind of stuff isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s some of the most inventive post-hardcore sounds I’ve heard in a long time. DJ Clap (aka John Luke) adds his own signature chipcore sound to a tune from Tielsie called Hueboy. It starts off soothing, but then ramps up in energy to the point where it’s essentially vibrating. 1:40 to 2:11 is the future footwork that is unmatched by any. However, 2:11 exceeds even that, giving me the sonic equivalent of running inside of a Mega Man X cartridge. This is so frenetic it’s almost downright soothing. When things got too crazy or frenetic over the past month, I’ve thrown this into my face & drifted away. Everything else melts away. Steel yourself for June!

Bonus! The original track by Tielsie is below! Enjoy them both, but watch out, they bite 🙂

Earworm Of The Month: Foy Vance – Be The Song (Epatage Soul Edit)

Foy Vance - Be The Soul (Epatage Soul Edit)If you want a good idea of what the inside of my mind has sounded like for the last couple of weeks, just put this on repeat. This duo, made up of Alex Toni and Rodion De Charme out of St. Petersburg has created some amazing tracks, but this one is a fantastic stand out. The combination of soulful lyrics, soothing beats & perfect production is the reason why it’s been on daily repeat. They recently came out with a new track, which can be listened to here. They are able to capture a smooth, almost hopeful melancholy that you don’t hear in dance music much these days. Listen to this in the sun, or while walking in the light.

Earworm Of The Month: Jayceeoh & B-Sides – Still In This B#tch 2015 (B.o.B. Flip)

Bruh. This is the anthem for 2015. Granted, it’s some anthem trap so I know not everyone may get down to this entire track. However, the build, the anthem break and the auto-tune game is on point. It’s weird to think of auto-tune as something that can be right, but when you hear “Bitch, we Still in this” you’ll know what I mean. I’m kind of amazed “& the B-Sides” hasn’t ever been used before, as it’s a fantastic way to end a band name. The track is massive, and is the closest thing to a diss track I’ve heard in EDM. I would love to hear some more big room “We’re gonna kill it” faux-motivational tracks. Could be great for working out, and this one definitely helps me rip it up at the gym. This needs a rambling crazy trance remix ASAP.

Earworm Of The Month: Alexander Popov – Elegia [Actual Trance]

I’ve listened to this daily for weeks. It figures into my commute at some point during the day. Sometimes to amp up, sometimes to recharge after the day, but unless a long set has my attention, this is THE track. I’ve been watching the rise of the new splinter factions in Trance (illustrated superbly by my boy Matt @ EDMTunes), and one of the guys who came out of nowhere is Alexander Popov. Amrada picked this kid up and he just spun at Sensation in Russia. There’s a punch to the bassline I’ve not heard in a while and the chords are classic trance perfection. The build is, even for a retail track, long and drawn into a gorgeous throbbing break with a transition that doesn’t include some obnoxious drop. That’s right, it’s not anthem trance, it’s just that deep, flowing Trance sound that you love. I love it, maybe you need to listen to it a few times to see where I’m coming from. Or possibly blast it while driving/exercising/riding dolphins. What’s that you say? You’d love a mix of this and a bunch of other Alexander Popov tracks so you can just dig into this trance sound? Check out below and thank me later.

Earworm Of The Month: Dark Star by Jaymes Young

I’ve been listening to this song incessantly & obsessively. Been listening to it since last year, for the specific reason that it’s one of the finest blends of soulful, potent indie vocals and future bass that really needs to get some production eyes on it. I’m not really sure how else to describe my love of the song but that if it was something I had in high school, I’d listen to it on my cd player daily. The music video is new, and the soundcloud link is below if you want to add it to playlists. There’s some powerful artistry at work here and I can’t wait for Mr. Young to get into a wider audience because this tune has movie soundtrack/epic pop hit written all over it.

Earworm of The Month: “Our Story” by We Are Mako

I’m not sure how Monday is treating you, but just in case you’re getting your ass kicked by the beginning of the work week, check out this track. It’s been on repeat  for me since it dropped on October 11th. The tune is an instant classic that I assume will be put into such wide rotation/use over the next 3 months that I’ll be seeing it advertising an SUV before too long. There is a triumphant feel to every moment of the tune. At 2:30, the track pulls back into an oft-used vocal line that gives the song this hopeful feeling as it builds slowly but gradually. The pressure and anthem feeling is undeniable, and the track just screams serotonin when it pushes out into the breakdown. It’s quick, with everything over and done with by five minutes, thirty seconds, and it’s a free download. With all of this hype, I’m not sure why you’re still reading this. Put the track into your earholes and keep a look out for We Are Mako, because you’ll be hearing about them soon enough.

Earworm of the Month: Do You…(Cashmere Cat Remix) by Miguel

I’m really glad that we’re in the post-Skrillex era. There’s so much amazing music and scores of bedroom producers that are starting to produce some gorgeous stuff. We’ve finally started incorporating the ideas without the massive. Bringing elements of UK Garage, Breakbeat, Chill and the eternally reviled genre of Trap, the song crystallizes about 52 seconds in, and pulls into this wonderful melancholy. There’s this raw feeling here, an honesty that is communicated not only in the desperation of the vocal work but the tonality and the chords chosen for the harmonies.

There’s a massive breakdown that continues, much like people who are imagine when you hear the song. It’s got this “Requiem for a Dream in a bottle” feeling to it, that makes it so memorable and delightfully addictive. The comments dotting the track on soundcloud aren’t hype, it’s actually that good. When you hit 500k plays on one track on Soundcloud, you can start to celebrate, especially when it starts showing up in mixes all over the place (More on that later). But it’s more than that. There’s this central ability for this specific tune to affect you, resonate with you on an emotional level. And that’s why I can’t stop listening to it. Peep his Soundcloud and light it up. Because this cat needs to get white guy DJ famous.

Earworm of the Month: Chronicles of A Fallen Love by The Bloody Beetroots (ft. Greta Svabo Bech)

I have to make a public apology. I had the chance to see The Bloody Beetroots both at Electric Zoo and Webster Hall multiple times, and I passed on each occasion. I’m not really sure why, and frankly, considering the track that has been on daily/hourly rotation for a while now, means I need to ensure I don’t miss the next time they’re live in the tri-state area.

Greta Svabo Bech slides into the tune 20 seconds in, with a silky vocal line to compliment the smooth housey beat. It all plays along very nicely, almost drifting into top 40 realm, until a minute in, when the anthemic electro kicks on. This is definitely dirty, but there’s this major chord that would kick the ass of any dance floor it gets dropped on. It’s almost too hard to be progressive, but you only get 40 seconds until it pulls back into that silky fun piano, beat & vocal work. The oscillating between driving house & playful vocals hits a crescendo at 3:38, when the track’s vocals & chords sync, pulling you up and ensuring a potent frisson as long as you still have working auditory nerves.

Get it on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/chronicles-of-a-fallen-love/978045
& iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/chronicles-fallen-love-single/id567556377?affId=1930871

And check out some more of The Bloody Beetroots awesome sauce right here: