Mix Of The Weekend: Cashmere Cat’s PS1 Warm-Up Mix

Today, I’m heading over to MoMA PS1 to watch Cashmere Cat, Goldlink & friends turn the art museum’s backyard into one of LIC’s famous day parties. This Warm Up series, done all summer, really gets the hipsters out. The last time I was at one of these things, there was a guy wearing a disco ball around his neck. I know that’s a little different than your image of tight jeans and annoyed PBR drinking, but the Warm Up events tend to be well attended, polite affairs, with affable attendees ambling around. The mix is freaking wonderful. Dotted with mandatory tunes from Jhene Aiko, Jam City, Kid Antoine, Trippy Turtle, Cam’ron & Lido, this is some future bass that you need in your world. Put it on at the beach, at the office, or just throw it into your headphones as you enjoy the weekend.

Midnight Music: Jhene Aiko’s “My Afternoon Dream”

Jhene has been soothing the savage beast within millions all over the world for a while now. This melodic, chilled out vocal track will bring you back down from whatever infuriating bullshit Monday tossed at you. She pushed this out yesterday afternoon, and it could not be more necessary tonight. We’re 20% of the way to another brief respite. Rest well weary travelers. She hung out with Childish Gambino a few month ago and that was amazing as well. See below if you don’t believe me.