Phoebe Ryan Does The Best R. Kelly Ignition Cover Ever. Perfect For Valentine’s Day.

Phoebe Ryan - Ignition & Do YouWow. Can we get way more of this please? Just in case you needed some gender flipped fun in your Valentine’s Day, Phoebe Ryan has got you covered. I’ve been sitting on this for just this special occasion. This is easily be best thing that has ever come out of R. Kelly’s “Remix To Ignition” that scourge of frat room dance floors during the oughts. (zero’s? naughties?). The subtle infusion of “Do You Like Love?” is a potent uplift for the tune which she carries forth swimmingly. Kudos to Ms. Ryan, so check out her news single and go hug something. (via Stoney Roads)

Playlist Of The Week: KSKD Radio By Kaskade (Spotify Win)

Can Kaskade do for dance music & Spotify what Kanye did for Twitter & hip hop? I think so. This expanding/evolving playlist on Spotify is going to be watched as he adds more and more tunes to it over his touring and insanely awesome life. Keep this one as a favorite. With tunes from CASHMERE Cat, ODESZA, Yuna, Caribou, SOHN, Keys N Krates, and Ella Fitzgerald, it’s pretty obvious that Kaskade is even more awesome than we all thought he was. If this playlist becomes a space for Kaskade to feature his favorite new and upcoming tracks, in addition to peppering it with his own hits and new stuff, I think this could do a lot for Spotify as a listening platform for artist curation, not just “all the music forever.” This is critical for Spotify’s continued development, especially in America where people listen to what they’re told to listen to, instead of searching out their own deep dives for tracks (pop music spectrum, put down your pitchforks crate diggers).

Favorite it, and hit me up on Spotify if you’d like. Same Bat-name, Same Bat-profile pic.

(Picture via @EDMsassin)

Mix Of The Weekend: Cashmere Cat’s PS1 Warm-Up Mix

Today, I’m heading over to MoMA PS1 to watch Cashmere Cat, Goldlink & friends turn the art museum’s backyard into one of LIC’s famous day parties. This Warm Up series, done all summer, really gets the hipsters out. The last time I was at one of these things, there was a guy wearing a disco ball around his neck. I know that’s a little different than your image of tight jeans and annoyed PBR drinking, but the Warm Up events tend to be well attended, polite affairs, with affable attendees ambling around. The mix is freaking wonderful. Dotted with mandatory tunes from Jhene Aiko, Jam City, Kid Antoine, Trippy Turtle, Cam’ron & Lido, this is some future bass that you need in your world. Put it on at the beach, at the office, or just throw it into your headphones as you enjoy the weekend.

Ludacris & Wiz Khalifa Discover Trap Music. And There Was Much Rejoicing.

So, I may have mentioned a while ago that Ludacris discovered Cashmere Cat, one of my favorite Lovetrap producers. Firstly, yes lovetrap is a genre, so deal with it. Secondly, the video for the track came out today. Boy oh boy is there a lot of sexy in this. It’s already got about 68k plays on Youtube, so once that VEVO machine gets rev’d up, you’re going to be hearing this thing officially all over the place. Hilarious rips of “Barbie Girl” lyrics, smooth rhyming by Luda and the irrepressible beats of CC make for a catchy track, even though you probably want to play this at home with your honey. Give it a spin, see how it feels, you’ll thank me.

Another Handful of Hip Hop

Coming at you again with another bunch of tracks that I’ve stumbled upon that remind me of where I came from. Lots of great lyricists on the streets these days. This time around, I’ve got 3 tracks from artists mentioned here before, and 3 new ones.

Schoolboy Q drops a fantastic set of rhymes over some electro soul beats in the first tune. An impressive start, but wait, there’s more.

Tinashe is doing quite well and decided to drop this gorgeous remix of a Chance The Rapper track into a mixtape she dropped in 2012. Chance shows up @ 2:12 and it’s featured correctly, while the remix ebbs & flows in the background. Glad to post about a lady remixing a rapper any time I can find quality, because fuck the patriarchy.

Speaking of fucking & the patriarchy, Ludacris has a new single, featuring Wiz Khalifa & beats by Cashmere Cat. This is a huge opportunity for Cashmere Cat, but make no mistake, this track is NSFW like woah. Definitely music for closed doors. Or a really sexy party, whatever your tastes.

This is an interesting one, straddling indie, Slim Shady/Chance The Rapper style silly flow and some interesting bass. It’s definitely a track that you need to take a second look at because this kid’s gonna go somewhere if he plays his cards right.

Give it up for my boy King Terry for this track. I played trumpet for years, and those smooth, jazzy transitions are seriously really nice. Can’t wait for the next King Terry track, it’s been too long I think. Gotta keep getting that grind on.

DVS is a local favorite that’s going to get maximum rep on this site until I don’t have fingers. The new track he’s featured on is about two steps from being better than the last 5 “EDM bangers” I’ve heard. The growling bass and intensely quick lyrical work is not to be trifled with. These guys have chops and they can hold their own wherever the battle takes them. Word is that there’s new hotness coming from DVS, so I’ll keep you posted on that.

(Image via The Hop Hop Renaissance)

Earworm of the Month: Do You…(Cashmere Cat Remix) by Miguel

I’m really glad that we’re in the post-Skrillex era. There’s so much amazing music and scores of bedroom producers that are starting to produce some gorgeous stuff. We’ve finally started incorporating the ideas without the massive. Bringing elements of UK Garage, Breakbeat, Chill and the eternally reviled genre of Trap, the song crystallizes about 52 seconds in, and pulls into this wonderful melancholy. There’s this raw feeling here, an honesty that is communicated not only in the desperation of the vocal work but the tonality and the chords chosen for the harmonies.

There’s a massive breakdown that continues, much like people who are imagine when you hear the song. It’s got this “Requiem for a Dream in a bottle” feeling to it, that makes it so memorable and delightfully addictive. The comments dotting the track on soundcloud aren’t hype, it’s actually that good. When you hit 500k plays on one track on Soundcloud, you can start to celebrate, especially when it starts showing up in mixes all over the place (More on that later). But it’s more than that. There’s this central ability for this specific tune to affect you, resonate with you on an emotional level. And that’s why I can’t stop listening to it. Peep his Soundcloud and light it up. Because this cat needs to get white guy DJ famous.