Amanda Palmer Made Something Really Important. Again.

Amanda PalmerIf you don’t know who Amanda Fucking Palmer is, check out the Dresden Dolls, her TED Talk & record-breaking Kickstarter. People hate the player, but she’s redefined the game, that one should be hating. Her dedication, commiseration & open communication with her fans is rare, deeply personal & stupendously effective. This debut release on her Patreon is crushingly beautiful. Dedicated to Anthony Martgnetti, Jeff Rusch, husband of the cellist, who died from cancer after initially being denied treatment and Jeremy Geidt, legendary teacher & actor.

It’s the little things that Mrs. Palmer focuses on, and as we all know, they make all the difference. A ukelele & cello are the only instruments in use here, besides Mrs. Fucking Palmer’s stunning voice. Amanda Palmer is able to get into the small little corners of your heart with the slightest word or the simplest chords. And nowhere is that on display better than here. The lyrics are not only perfect, but they’re also crucial. There are so many people suffering around the world, with many doing so in the pursuit of helping others. Depression, illness, existential stress, rape, child abuse, creativity, hope & resolve are all topics she flies through with the wink of an eye or a single shed tear. Listen to the track, support Amanda Fucking Palmer & Zoe Keating in this tremendous effort, and hug the people you love. We are all bigger on the inside.

“We are so much bigger on the inside,
You, me, everybody
Some day when you’re lying where I am
You’ll finally get it, beauty

We are so much bigger
Than another one can ever see

Trying is the point of life
So don’t stop trying

Promise me”



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