Midnight Music: Ibeyi – River

Hey now, new awesomeness. This twin-sister duo of French-Cuban ladies by the name of Ibeyi push out some of the best live production I’ve heard in a while. This is a fantastic combination of sounds, with a severe dose of feels. The vibe has a moody intensity that feels like what would happen if trip hop, a competent drum circle and some blues hung out. It doesn’t need to be in English to get the point across. This is a really fresh sound, even though it seems to have a vintage flare to it. I think there’s a lot that artists can do in this space, so I’ve gotta give it up to the Joy of Violent Movement blog for pushing this kind of stuff out. The post has a bunch more info on the artist, so if you’re into it, get into it.

Three People From Texas Jam & Remind Us All What Being Human Is All About.

Three random strangers decided to bring it together for a wonderful freestyle jam session outside of a random store. Freestyle rap is added to some guest vocals on top of Jesse Rya. The fluidity and effortlessness have led people to call STAGED on this, but I’m not really sure I care. This kind of community based music production and impromptu jamming has been all but lost on us in Gotham these days. Too much production, too much performance, no courage and willingness to reach out and connect. Outside of drum circles, we don’t really see this at a lot of parties anymore. Not saying it would work in between big room house sets, but hey, playing music with friends isn’t something I’ve done since grade school.