Woman Destroys DJ’s Gear & Punches DJ For Track Choice

So, apparently in Madison, WI, a woman got so mad at some DJ’s track choice that they not only assaulted the DJ, but destroyed his headphones, laptop and microphone. And, just in case you didn’t think that was bad enough, the Typhoon of Ruin is still at large. Watch your back road warriors. Also, don’t play Levels. Not because she’s out there, just because Levels.


Idiot’s Guide To Smart People: Music

CaptureOk, everything about this is correct. This quote, less than 20 seconds into the video, really captures how bad it’s gotten in some circles these days.

It takes a smart person to love something in a way that takes all the fun out of it.”

There’s about 2:45 of good stuff here, so put it into your face, and trust me, don’t google Louisiana Swamp Pop. It sounds like flies & relaxed sadness.

God Works In Mysterious Ways (NSFW If Your Boss Knows ASL).

Meanwhile, the Jehovah’s Witnesses not only shun masturbation, they want to make sure you know they shun it. Even if you can’t hear. So they created a series of videos where Witnesses signed about how terrible masturbation is. And then someone found them and dubbed 50 Cent over it. This is hilarious, horribly dirty and if you know sign language, please light up the comments telling us what the hell they’re saying.