Earworm of the Month: Do You…(Cashmere Cat Remix) by Miguel

I’m really glad that we’re in the post-Skrillex era. There’s so much amazing music and scores of bedroom producers that are starting to produce some gorgeous stuff. We’ve finally started incorporating the ideas without the massive. Bringing elements of UK Garage, Breakbeat, Chill and the eternally reviled genre of Trap, the song crystallizes about 52 seconds in, and pulls into this wonderful melancholy. There’s this raw feeling here, an honesty that is communicated not only in the desperation of the vocal work but the tonality and the chords chosen for the harmonies.

There’s a massive breakdown that continues, much like people who are imagine when you hear the song. It’s got this “Requiem for a Dream in a bottle” feeling to it, that makes it so memorable and delightfully addictive. The comments dotting the track on soundcloud aren’t hype, it’s actually that good. When you hit 500k plays on one track on Soundcloud, you can start to celebrate, especially when it starts showing up in mixes all over the place (More on that later). But it’s more than that. There’s this central ability for this specific tune to affect you, resonate with you on an emotional level. And that’s why I can’t stop listening to it. Peep his Soundcloud and light it up. Because this cat needs to get white guy DJ famous.


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