Earworm Of The Month: Metrik – Make The Floor Burn [Lethally Good D&B]

I do my best never to miss the Hospital podcast by London Elektricity, as he shows off the best tracks & artists coming from Hospital & Med School Records each time. He also takes the time to connect with people on Twitter and other social media sites. His podcast #240 exploded out of the gate, with the new album by Metrik getting a lot of love. One of the tracks on the album, “Make The Floor Burn” has been on repeat since the podcast came out. Not going to lie, this is going to be rocked out to on the daily for weeks, or at least, until the album comes in the mail and I can jam out to the rest of Metrik’s new tracks.

How good is the track? To quote Tony Coleman, London Elektricity himself:

It’s like Underground Resistance vs. The Prodigy. I don’t often say this about a track, but sometimes I hear a piece of music that is so good, I would take a bullet for it.

What else do you need to hear? Frankly, after hearing the tune, I agree with him. What do you think? Would you go Secret Service for this tune? Also get the new Metrik album, cause I certainly fucking did. (Thanks for the Shout Out 55min in Tony! So much respect!)

Midnight Music: “My Year In The Rain” by Strife II

Strife II is one of my absolute favorite liquid Drum & Bass producers in the UK and the world over actually. There’s a quiet beauty to his symphonic, intensely well produced tracks. I can’t wait for someone at Hospital Records to stumble upon this sound and shove him into a room with Etherwood, Camo & Krooked and High Contrast. The drum & bass world will thank you Tony, make it happen.

Double Mix of the Week: Hospital Records Podcast 216 ft. Keeno & Maduk’s

For your holiday week, whether it’s Christmas, Festivus, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day (or something I missed that I’ll probably get angry emails for not mentioning), celebrate with a two pack of liquid drum & bass mixes straight from the internets to your sound holes. There’s no real in-app playlist, but it’s also a massive free download, so grab the mix here. The mix features several new tracks from Keeno & the first new tune by London Elektricity in THREE YEARS. Recognize & get down.

Maduk has been on my radar for most of 2013, and the competence they brought to mixing this shows why. There’s a serious amount of liquid d&b independent of hospital records as well. It’s a solid review of the tunes of the year, with a few of the highlights coming from Hybrid Minds, Feint, Metrik, Stan SB & Rameses B. If you don’t know who any of those artists are, and you’re into drum & bass, you’ve got some homework to do. Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for the boom-tch.