Attend:More Fridays! – Hospitality ft. Nu:Tone, Metrik & Etherwood @ Slake!

I almost fell down when I heard this was happening. A real, live, actual Hospitality night here in NYC, and at a club that doesn’t make me cry. That’s right ladies & gentlemen, Slake is hosting three of my favorite Hospital Records DJs first Friday of March. The talent assembled here is simply stunning, but before I dive into the stupendousness that is the three of them, I wanted to shout out Slake for making this event happen. It seems they’re the one of the only clubs taking risks on talent these days, bringing in stuff other than craplectro, big room & VIP house. I hope they’re keeping the lights on with this, because it’s one of the things you hope make them the cash they need to stay open & keep doing it. But, onto what you’re still reading for: 
This is a set of previews from Nu:Tone’s latest album, from Nov. 2014. It’s the drum & bass you used to write home about to your best girl while you were fighting in the struggle. The lightness that Nu:Tone is able to issue forth doesn’t sacrifice any of the dope jungle, liquid or soulful roots you need in a proper D&B album. This may seem like surface stuff, but put the whole album into your world, and you’ll find a surprising amount of depth and throwback themes & vibes to turn your head while you groove.
Metrik dropped an album about 5 months ago, but it contained one of my absolute favorite tracks of 2014, Make The Floor Burn. The album is rapturous joy, a sonic journey that most producers should spend a semester studying. The progressions, chords & bass are unmatched, except by other members of the Hospital Records stable. When London Elektricity says he’d take a bullet for the record, you know it’s not something to ignore.
Bringing up the rear is the irreplaceable Etherwood. Etherwood creates drum & bass that I can only describe as crushingly beautiful. I would go on about his attention to detail, deep understanding, or perfectionist production skills, but really, that would just be more time you spend reading this and not listening to his album preview. So, go listen to that. When you’re done, here’s some icing for your drum & bass cake.
DJ Dali is one my hometown favorites that ensures parties like this actually happen. He & Nicky Twist going B2B on some d&b will be a sight to behold, and my Konkrete alumni know what I’m talking about. Cameron Kush holds the record for the weirdest set I’ve heard at Slake that maintained a full dance floor, so I’m always interested in hearing what he’s got cooked up for us. Tickets can be purchased here & the event info is right here.

Update! Dali & Alex English have dropped another D&B mix to get you hype for Saturday night. Respect!

Midnight Music: Netsky vs Metrik – Can’t Speak ft Stealth [Drum & Bass]

Netsky vs Metrik - Can't Speak ft. StealthI do love when dope producers collaborate. In true grand fashion, two of my favorite Drum & Bass producers from 2014, Netsky & Metrik join up with vocalist Stealth to re-work one of his tracks in an excellent, chilled out kind of way. It’s still fast & furious, but there’s a relaxed vibe that makes me wonder when Netsky or Hospital Records is going to work with Example. This might be seen as a little softer and more commercially friendly than some of Netsky’s earlier work, but there’s a lot to like about it and I think it’s important to give people something soothing. Relax with this tonight, only a couple of days left in the year.

Earworm Of The Month: Metrik – Make The Floor Burn [Lethally Good D&B]

I do my best never to miss the Hospital podcast by London Elektricity, as he shows off the best tracks & artists coming from Hospital & Med School Records each time. He also takes the time to connect with people on Twitter and other social media sites. His podcast #240 exploded out of the gate, with the new album by Metrik getting a lot of love. One of the tracks on the album, “Make The Floor Burn” has been on repeat since the podcast came out. Not going to lie, this is going to be rocked out to on the daily for weeks, or at least, until the album comes in the mail and I can jam out to the rest of Metrik’s new tracks.

How good is the track? To quote Tony Coleman, London Elektricity himself:

It’s like Underground Resistance vs. The Prodigy. I don’t often say this about a track, but sometimes I hear a piece of music that is so good, I would take a bullet for it.

What else do you need to hear? Frankly, after hearing the tune, I agree with him. What do you think? Would you go Secret Service for this tune? Also get the new Metrik album, cause I certainly fucking did. (Thanks for the Shout Out 55min in Tony! So much respect!)