Midnight Music: Jesse James – 50’s Manhattan [Future Lounge]

This is something new alright. This track saunters through piano, old school hip hop beats, never rushing, never overdone, and no sounds out of place. The tune is a fantastic example of music for chilling, crashing out on a Sunday morning, lounging before going out Saturday night, or smoking a cigarette with Jazz vipers at midnight. It’s got a distinctly vintage feel, but is produced expertly. This is part of a larger compilation of a bunch of crazy, but vib shit. There’s abstract hip hop, downtempo, menacing garage & trip hop. Get at it below if you’re in a chill mood and raring for something other than elevator music. This is NEW right here, and I guarantee you won’t hear anything like it anywhere else. It’s great, it’s just definitely not EDM by any definition. (h/t to drue)

Midnight Music: Vauns – Sidelines EP [Dark Drum & Bass/Chillstep]

This Sidelines EP is one of the more high quality offerings I’ve heard from the darker ends of the chillstep universe as of late. Circles by Vaun is a smooth, vintage feeling track that makes excellent use of noir trumpet. I didn’t think noir trumpet was a genre, but after this, I may need to reconsider. That moody, retro trumpet seeps into the lush, almost steamy tune, that would be at home in any darkened lounge around 3 AM. Into The Night features seductive vocals by Animai, accompanied by UK bass & step’y beats that I’d definitely prefer to the remaining bastions of Michael Baystep at parties. Kismet solidifies Vaun’s position as maestro of dark, alluring, yet mysterious bass that I really want playing during the scene transitions in the eventual movie that’s going to be made about Gotham underground nightlife. There’s a potent focus to the sounds, without any sense of rushedness or aggressive bro bullshit. One Touch rounds out his solo offerings on the EP & does so in hushed, Burial-like tones, that we’re all better for hearing. The more artists doing this kind of quiet, garage’y bass, the better I think

Knowledge finds Vaun accompanied by Ill Chill, and as expected, the collab adds a layer of spoken word flow to the relaxed, irregular bass. I can’t wait for chillstep to ally with spoken word & hip hop to unseat trip hop as the genre of choice for rhymes that doesn’t involve gold chains & gun violence. The finale is where the EP gets its title, with Sarah Zad adding some ethereal humanity to the broken bass that Vaun lays down. Her stellar voice is a perfect match for the production choices Vaun adds into the mix, especially 90sec in. This tune screams for dance videos & pop/lock demonstrations. So, b-boys & liquid dancers, get on this. Your YouTube page will thank me.