Midnight Music: Jesse James – 50’s Manhattan [Future Lounge]

This is something new alright. This track saunters through piano, old school hip hop beats, never rushing, never overdone, and no sounds out of place. The tune is a fantastic example of music for chilling, crashing out on a Sunday morning, lounging before going out Saturday night, or smoking a cigarette with Jazz vipers at midnight. It’s got a distinctly vintage feel, but is produced expertly. This is part of a larger compilation of a bunch of crazy, but vib shit. There’s abstract hip hop, downtempo, menacing garage & trip hop. Get at it below if you’re in a chill mood and raring for something other than elevator music. This is NEW right here, and I guarantee you won’t hear anything like it anywhere else. It’s great, it’s just definitely not EDM by any definition. (h/t to drue)