Monday Music: Seven Lions, Jazzinuf & Keeno, What So Not, GRMM & MUTO


In case you hadn’t heard, it’s Monday, so here’s the Music! New hotness from Seven Lions & Keeno, chilled vibes from Jazzinuf, liquid D&B from Keeno and two surprises from down under, so let’s get into it!

Seven Lions is back! He brought it back to his roots, with this trancey, dubby delight for ASOT 755. This remix of Illenium ft. Joni Fatora is exactly what made Seven Lions one of my favorite emerging artists in 2013. Thise
Old school representation with this chilled out funky gem is Jazzinuf. I stumbled on this artist on a sprawling playlist that someone put together years ago. I don’t know who you are Kev Ken Shibayama, but blessing to you for this 443 song playlist.

Coming at you with a full hour of liquid drum & bass delights, Charlie Tee featured Keeno, one of the superstars of Med School Records. Cinematic, Symphonic, liquid gold is what he’s bringing you. No stupid MCs, no dubstep, just perfect fast slow & funky vocal work when there’s even words at all. Glide away on it.

What So Not came out of nowhere on this one. Innerbloom, the well-received single by RUFUS has earned its share of remixes, but I can’t say I expected the Flume compatriot to be anywhere near this. The re-work has a bit of that Aussie Chill Trap feel to it. Spacey instrumentals, stuttering bass, and a dollop of syncopation gives the tune a decidedly off-kilter feel. Great work from What So Not as usual, and can’t wait to see this style of production sink into LA & NYC so peeps like Louis The Child & others can get better bookings/more ticket sales.

Last but not least, a stunner from GRMM & MUTO on Of Leisure. This forward-looking electronica label from Sydney is launching a new compilation called Game Set, Match Vol 1: An Of Leisure, and using this single to promote it. A leisurely stroll it is, but produced correctly, to whet my appetite & peak my interest when it comes to this new label. New tracks coming soon & you can sign up for a free DL here if you’re so moved.

Midnight Music: Jesse James – 50’s Manhattan [Future Lounge]

This is something new alright. This track saunters through piano, old school hip hop beats, never rushing, never overdone, and no sounds out of place. The tune is a fantastic example of music for chilling, crashing out on a Sunday morning, lounging before going out Saturday night, or smoking a cigarette with Jazz vipers at midnight. It’s got a distinctly vintage feel, but is produced expertly. This is part of a larger compilation of a bunch of crazy, but vib shit. There’s abstract hip hop, downtempo, menacing garage & trip hop. Get at it below if you’re in a chill mood and raring for something other than elevator music. This is NEW right here, and I guarantee you won’t hear anything like it anywhere else. It’s great, it’s just definitely not EDM by any definition. (h/t to drue)

Miles Davis Fucks With CBS

Miles Davis Fucks With CBS

Bitches Brew would go on to be one of the most critical & important albums in the history of both Jazz & Rock. Just imagine the look on the guy’s face when he got the telegram. Or whatever the hell people used to communicate in the late 60’s. I love how “Please advise” means the same thing in business-speak no matter what era you’re in. (via Reddit)

Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns & Roses As 1920’s Jazz

She may not have eyes of the bluest skies, but this cover of Sweet Child of Mine by Miche Braden, Scott Bradlee & the Postmodern Jukebox is fantastic. This Jazzy rendition of the bro-rock classic is a gorgeous reinterpretation of the hit and in my opinion, could seriously motivate me to hang out in bars where the original is played. Plus the woo girls dressed in furs & flapper clothes might be a little more fun and a little less cold this time of year.

Lester Young gets what he wants.

Lester Young gets what he wants.

Prez, as he was called, was one of the saxophonists in Count Basie’s orchestra. If you don’t know who Count Basie is, educate the mind. Prez was known for both introducing a relaxed, chilled out tone in his melodies and for spreading much of the 1940’s hipster sub-culture based jargon that a lot of slang in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s grew out of. You pick up what I’m laying down?