Jeremy Ellis, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Questlove Astound The Philly Younglings With Mario Beats.

Just in case you’d lost all hope that EDM had swallowed everything that was good and true in electronica, DJ Jazzy Jeff has returned (never left for those of us paying attention) to save the day. This extensive demonstration of skill, talent and live production chops will make your random Rave Bro shut his damn yapper about that big room track you can’t get away from. Jeremy Ellis & Jazzy Jeff push into some amazing beat work that is all done on the fly. Mario beats turn into some fantastic music made on the fly to light up Illadelphia. Real turntablism, real pad manipulation, and even a mistake or two if you know what to look for (via TWD Industries)

Earworm of the Month: Daymanstep by Joman

So, I have to admit, I’ve not seen enough It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and this track has decided it for me. I’ll be putting this stuff into my face. If for no other reason that I can find more shit like this. Daymanstep is a brutal & hilarious dubstep remix of a clip from the “Dayman” episode of Always Sunny. The wobble is on point, the sample usage is perfect and the auto-tune for the vocal work could not be better. I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I was when I was introduced to this piece after someone posted this clip from the show:

One of my favorite people Ť¥gēŗ£ÏŁŸ, dropped this track on me, and I cannot thank her enough. It’s been on repeat, sometimes for way too long than I’m willing to disclose publicly. Get at the producer who made it, DJ Joman, because there’s some quality there and the non-Always Sunny-related tracks are quite entertaining as well. For the lazy among you, his ish is listed below. I know I’m like a thousand years late to the daymanstep party, but it’s new to me, probably new to you and fantastic.