Someone Figured Out That Drake Works Perfectly with N64 Music

I’m not even sure how you figure this out. Someone decided to overlay Drake on N64 games and the synergy is stunning, if not a bit terrifying. For serious, the combination of Drake & Mario Kart 64 is one of the more shockingly perfect tunes I’ve heard this month.

Jeremy Ellis, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Questlove Astound The Philly Younglings With Mario Beats.

Just in case you’d lost all hope that EDM had swallowed everything that was good and true in electronica, DJ Jazzy Jeff has returned (never left for those of us paying attention) to save the day. This extensive demonstration of skill, talent and live production chops will make your random Rave Bro shut his damn yapper about that big room track you can’t get away from. Jeremy Ellis & Jazzy Jeff push into some amazing beat work that is all done on the fly. Mario beats turn into some fantastic music made on the fly to light up Illadelphia. Real turntablism, real pad manipulation, and even a mistake or two if you know what to look for (via TWD Industries)

An Epic Metal Tribute To Video Game Music.

I don’t toss around either the word “Epic” or “Metal” lightly, but I’ve gotta say, this is kind of amazingly both. Clocking it at over 17min, this Mass-based musician has been making the rounds on Kotaku and Dorkly while making a solid run for YouTube aristocracy. I think this video has a chance to get him there. It’s less than a week old and I’ve not seen it shared yet. Trust me, the covers of grossly relevant video games, done impeccably & brutally at times, will keep your attention.  Especially when he switches guitars and does other crazy tricks. Watch it, you’ll see, and if you don’t think both metal & vgmusic are related to the dance floor, then you’ve got a lot to learn about the histories of both 😀