Dope Vintage Get Lucky Cover By The Flash Mob Jazz

This delightful little cover by Flash Mob Jazz is exactly what we need more of these days. Someone should call Puddles and make a full compilation of vintage’d dance hits. The frontman kinda looks like Boy George, but he’s got the chops where it counts. The trumpet & sax solos are on point and the drum & bass (upright bass that is) work bring it all together. It’s Monday afternoon, you’ve made it through the hardest part of the week. (via Laughing Squid)

New Daft Punk Music Video Gives All The Feels With Julian Casablancas Center Stage.

I don’t know who Julian Casablancas is & I don’t really register him as a separate artist when I listen to Random Access Memories. I’m going to stop doing that immediately. The music video for  Instant Crush was released today and the only time the helmets appear, they’re on a shelf. The focus on the singer, who is striking, talented, and what appears to be twelve years old, is an excellent choice. Daft Punk has done quite well playing second fiddle to their accompaniment as it were, and it works perfectly. The love story between two mannequins is painful & sweet at the same time, and in 5 minutes, tells a vastly superior story to the sum totality of Twilight. Put it into your face, then go hug someone.

Happy Daft Punk Day! Get Lucky & Interstella 5555 Mashup

Yo dawg, I herd you like Daft Punk, so I put some Daft Punk in your Daft Punk, so you can Daft Punk while you Daft Punk.

Get Lucky has been released and should be exploding all over your intertrons. Here’s a mashup with Interstella 5555 the fantastic “House Musical” that was done with Discovery. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this album.