Mix Of The Week: Shifty Rhythms’ GRIMECRAFT Guest Mix [Chip Trap & 16-bit UK Bass]

Got a message about this from a dope DJ friend in Philly and I can’t deal with how good this mix is. This swagger-filled fusion of vgm, chiptunes, trap, hip hop, UK bass & whatever he decides to throw in needs to be heard by as many of my Nintendo generation as possible. This 37min mix has tunes from Ryan Hemsworth, AOBeats, ABSRDST, a sweet bunch of mashups and so many VG samples you’d think you were playing Smash Brothers at a Mad Decent party. Which, totally needs to happen now. Because I would DEFINITELY PAY CASH MONEY to play Smash Brothers on 3DS’s with heads that are kicking back and taking in a Mad Decent show. Check out more of GRIMECRAFT’s stuff here, and kudos for DJ Cutman for bringing this dude to a party in Illadelphia recently. Wouldn’t have heard of him otherwise, so respect.

Midnight Music: Ryan Hemsworth – Snow In Newark (ft. Dawn Golden) [Soulful Indietronica]

I gotta give it up to Ryan Hemsworth. He got into my head a few years back, and has kept popping back in at all the right times. While I can’t say I’m a fan of every single thing he’s ever done, when he nails it, it’s fucking perfection. This soulful original is a perfect example. Ryan & Dawn (I know, I can’t call them that. Yet) hit all the right chords & resonance harmonies to make for something wonderful. There’s a quiet wistfulness in the song that makes for perfect Autumn music. Hit up Ryan Hemsworth if this is the first time you’re hearing of him, Dawn Golden too. Check the amazing video below. It’s so good there’s a monkey in it. Also Nepal.