Monday Music: Wayvee, Pensees, Mazde, Jerry Folk & IsGoods

New week, new tunes! Hope the long weekend is treating you well if you’re off. If you’re working on this Presidents Day Monday, turn on, tune in & drop out.
Wayvee‘s Recovery EP is a lilting, chilled melodic future footwork feature. The reworking of the classical music is something you hear every so often, but it’s rarely this good. The soft operatic melody above the future bass & footwork is a treasure that you need in your life right now.

Pensees misted into my awareness last week, one of those artists you almost don’t notice if you’re not paying attention. The melodic chill is expertly produced, creating an aural landscape you don’t much hear in the USA outside of artists like Haven, glo & a couple of others. It’s evocative while faintly nostalgic, so put it on and drift off. If you can’t get enough of this sound, hit up the bandcamp for 5 more releases in the same chilled out vein.

Mazde has popped up on my radar a couple of times over the last year or two, but this track really brought his talents into light. The German remixed Rufus, pulling from the recent “Bloom.” It’s a powerful track that mixes melancholy, indie & some exceptional chord work. Take a look at this guy if you’re looking for music that’s hopeful without being saccharine.

Jerry Folk & ELOQ came out of nowhere on this one. The half indietronica, half future bass vibes on this are undeniable. There’s also a touch of the relaxed west coast feels we’re starting to see with the Future scene out in LA & SF. Great work, definitely legit effort, and earned a spot on my radar.

Closing out the post with a 2 piece EP from Isgoood. I don’t usually post seemingly standard House because I’ve got a pretty high bar for that genre, as I primarily dance out of doors in NYC to it. This kind of classic vibe is my exception. Done impeccably, the production perfectly captures the SoHo bar, filled with fashionable people who know their house & rock their own style. Props once again to V for always dropping quality on FreshNewTracks, as because of him, I can bring it to you all.

Playlist Of The Weekend: Origami Sound All-Stars Vol. 2

Origami Sound - All-Stars Vol. 2

Origami Sound is this dope collective of artists and labels dedicated to quality releases you don’t get on the standard EDM blogs. Dark Clover Records, Origami & many others come together to support amazing releases and projects from artists all over the globe. This release is no exception, with quality oozing from every speaker in my house while I listened.

The Synkro remix of Borealis is a massive track that needs to get as much exposure as possible. While I’ve spoken about Borealis before, this is one of those ethereal, garage tracks that is everything I think future bass can be. The soft padded bassline pushes through the heavily reverbed vox perfectly. This is a must-listen track, and a great way to kick off the release. Ilya Wazuhiru (who is plenty an artist, his Soundcloud description be damned) follows that with some cyber-Bjork-infused bass that ebbs & flows along, keeping the foggy, but gorgeous production going.

Naono’s Abandoned mix of Soun by Averos is some moody bass that deepens the vibe the compilation puts forth delightfully, with quality guitar work & heavily modified vocals. Madelin combines some dope bass guitar & soulful vocals into a dark, but emotional track that stands on its own, pulling in a great indie sound that is definitely welcome on the compilation. Parade by Dusty Corners is a bassy, stutter-step track that fuses future garage beats with a deep house feel that I can’t wait to hear more out on the dance floor late at night.

Miajica lays down a vibrant, funky, tune that makes me sad Stevie Wonder isn’t in the room to remix it. This is a classic feel that gets everything right and almost seems out of place in a somewhat more maudlin album. Aebeloe’s “Manon” is an interesting, IDM-infused sandy house piece that glides along effortlessly.  Altrice gets the name of their track exactly right with Stillness Ennui. The shifting bass work combined with soaring chords give it a Sigur Rios vibe, that shudders to life 60% into the tune, demanding your attention.

Kitkaliitto stuns with the final track on the album. The smooth bass pads melting into the classical guitar and ambient sounds, create almost a “Snow in Kyoto” feeling, but it’s even better than that. This kind of work is what I believe needs to replace so many genres of music that are used for mundane activities in life. This needs to be on the soundtrack to my life, as I’d imagine NYC would be way more serene if I could hear something like this instead of some hipsters arguing about Uniqlo on the L train. I’m re-posting it here just in case you didn’t make it to the end of the playlist. This is a dope compilation, and I can’t wait for Origami Sound to kick ass & take names in 2015.

Midnight Music: Young & Sick – Heartache Fetish (Ta-ku Rework) [Chill Indie Bass]

If this is the first time you’ve ever heard Taku, I’m actually jealous of you. There’s so much amazing moody gorgeousness by Ta-ku that I wish I could fall in love with again, I’d love to be you. This guy has strong Flume vibes and his social media personality is delightful and authentic. 2min in, there’s a punchy backbeat that pushes out a cinematic feel I wish more artists would play with. Young & Sick got a tremendous remix here from Ta-ku and I hope they know what they’re sitting on (Check the original below). Ta-ku’s Songs To Break Up to is a gem and I can’t wait to hear more from this guy.

Midnight Music: MØ – Don’t Wanna Dance (Phazz Edition) [Melancholy Future Bass]

This reworking of some Lana Del Rey-style vocals out of MØ by Phazz is freaking great. This is the kind of indie + bass collaborative efforts that I think the ears of Americans should be hearing. The vocal modulations mesh with the lush, bassy soundscape perfectly. This tune has a lot to teach indie artists about arrangement & element usage. Choosing the dozen synthy effects in this track must have been difficult, but the decisions were spot in. Check out Phazz‘s stuff and the artist with the character I can’t type.


Mix Of The Week: Shifty Rhythms’ GRIMECRAFT Guest Mix [Chip Trap & 16-bit UK Bass]

Got a message about this from a dope DJ friend in Philly and I can’t deal with how good this mix is. This swagger-filled fusion of vgm, chiptunes, trap, hip hop, UK bass & whatever he decides to throw in needs to be heard by as many of my Nintendo generation as possible. This 37min mix has tunes from Ryan Hemsworth, AOBeats, ABSRDST, a sweet bunch of mashups and so many VG samples you’d think you were playing Smash Brothers at a Mad Decent party. Which, totally needs to happen now. Because I would DEFINITELY PAY CASH MONEY to play Smash Brothers on 3DS’s with heads that are kicking back and taking in a Mad Decent show. Check out more of GRIMECRAFT’s stuff here, and kudos for DJ Cutman for bringing this dude to a party in Illadelphia recently. Wouldn’t have heard of him otherwise, so respect.

Midnight Music: Laura Doggett – Moonshine (Jakwob Remix)

Laura Dogget - Moonshine (Jakwob Remix)

Jakwob is a name you probably haven’t heard of on the American side of the pond, unless you’re a huge fan of UK dubstep and bass music (like myself). His remixes & original work has been a shining beacon of quality in the dubstep, drumstep & chill bass spaces. This remix of a delicious melancholy tune by the irrepressible Laura Doggett. The irregular bass provides a stunning backdrop for her sublime vocal work to glide along. This is some serious UK underground and Jakwob needs as much exposure as possible, especially when selecting amazing vocal artists like Laura Doggett to work with. Don’t sleep on this one, it’s hoodie weather music, bomp it in good (non-Beatz) headphones in the rain.