Esquire Nails The Pussy Riot Re-Arrest Commentary.

Since Pussy Riot returned to Russia, they’ve been the mouse to Putin’s cat. Being arrested, released, then having Cossacks set on them (as I mentioned earlier today), lots of different outlets have been trying to figure out what’s going on. Esquire got it right. In a scathing piece, they outline exactly why Putin has a shit-eating grin on his face all the damn time. He took $51 Billion of Russia’s money and handed it to his friends, and the world applauded it. Shit man, I’d be smiling.

Pussy Riot Attacked By Cossacks. With Whips.

In case you thought the saga was over, Putin’s Idiocratic Olympics continue with Pussy Riot being attacked by the Cossacks. Yes, the traditional, whip-wielding, horse-riding, xenophobic assholes from the hills of rural Russia, are now doing Putin’s bitch work. This involved whipping & violently attacking the members of Pussy Riot who attempted to protest various dastardly bullshit at Sochi. When the one male member of the Pussy Riot protest team ends up bleeding from the head, you know we’ve entered some terrible territory. (via FACT)

Mamoru Samuragochi Admits Two Decades Of Fraud, Didn’t Compose Music From Resident Evil Or Onimusha

The guy responsible for a TIME magazine story calling him a “digital-age Beethoven” admitted he’d not composed the last 20 years of the music attributed to him and may not even be deaf. The now-outed artist was largely celebrated in Japan, having been awarded a citizens award by the mayor of Hiroshima for his Symphony that became a best selling album. The award has now been retracted & Nippon Columbia has since stopped distribution of his work.

Well, there you have it folks, don’t cheat. Make your own stuff and always give credit where credit is due. He was asked to provide music for the Sochi Olympics and it seem it’s all been made up this whole damn time. (via FACT & NPR)