Midnight Music: Yasmine Hamdan – Samar

Tonight, I’m bringing you the first Midnight Music track in a language other than English. Yasmine Hamdan has been getting a lot of attention with her album “Ya Nass,” with a First Listen on NPR. Check out the segment linked to get a sense of her work, and check out one of the other tracks from the album below. Her words may not be easily identified as, but the emotion is obvious. You’re going to hear a lot more of her here, I can guarantee that.

Mamoru Samuragochi Admits Two Decades Of Fraud, Didn’t Compose Music From Resident Evil Or Onimusha

The guy responsible for a TIME magazine story calling him a “digital-age Beethoven” admitted he’d not composed the last 20 years of the music attributed to him and may not even be deaf. The now-outed artist was largely celebrated in Japan, having been awarded a citizens award by the mayor of Hiroshima for his Symphony that became a best selling album. The award has now been retracted & Nippon Columbia has since stopped distribution of his work.

Well, there you have it folks, don’t cheat. Make your own stuff and always give credit where credit is due. He was asked to provide music for the Sochi Olympics and it seem it’s all been made up this whole damn time. (via FACT & NPR)