Midnight Music: Groove Armada – Inside My Mind

Tonight, we’re going back just far enough to when trip hop was still a thing. Groove Armada is such a crucial component of any dance music fan’s arsenal that if you’re hearing it for the first time I’m both disappointed & jealous. Groove Armada managed to combine lyrical flow, downtempo vibes and a really mature (especially for the time) understanding of production. This kind of vibe is rare but utterly necessary within the the non-main stage/post-party chill situation. Whether it’s a lower energy Thursday for you, or just a throwback to some happy and relaxed Sunday mornings listening to this, you’re gonna smile when you hear this. And if you’re new to Groove Armada, here’s a quick 15-track playlist to get you up to speed.

Music I’d Forgotten About: Metric – Twilight Galaxy (Gladkill Remix)

With Gladkill on a new release tear on Soundcloud, I wanted to bring it back to one of my absolute favorite pieces by the West Coast star. His Twilight Galaxy remix was a large part of my 2011, and I was reminded of it recently, which sent me into a week or two of listening to it on repeat again as well. This is one of those tracks that crawls into your mind and forces you to listen to it on multiple different speaker systems/headphones over the course of your day. This is lovestep in the truest sense of the word and Gladkill does that stuff better than most. Call it a throwback, even though he hasn’t quit since. He just released a new LP of his tracks from 2012-2014, so hit that up if you need more.

Midnight Music: Tielman Brothers – Rollin Rock [Indonesian Rockabilly]

For #tbt, we’re going way back. I present to you the classic rockabilly sound of the Tielman Brothers. This is performance like you don’t see anyone on stage really attempt anymore. Granted, they had way fewer sounds to make back then, and you had to make them all sequentially without messing up. Like at 2:55, when the frontman plays his guitar behind his back, while standing on the bass…that is being played at the same time. Drum solos, bass solo while lying down, a whole lot of talent here. These guys are legends, trust me, go ask your parents. So put the oldest of school into your face, then get annoyed when a bunch of low-effort DJs can’t even get into their sets this weekend.

Midnight Music: Armin Van Buuren – Ping Pong Education (Revolvr Bootleg) [The Best Ping Pong Remix. Period.]

For Throwback Thursday, you’ve got a familiar tune with a radical twist on it. If you’re an oldster like myself, you’ll probably recognize the Pink Floyd before the Armin Van Buuren. If you’re under 25, you’re probably wondering who the hell is yelling over your anthem trance. This is what party music used to sound like kids, except with guitars instead of decks & fistfuls of acid instead of fistfuls of molly. Revolvr pushes out a massive bootleg of Armin Van Buuren’s Ping Pong, adding a fantastic layer of counter-culture and a serious rock aspect to the tune. I frankly prefer this remix to Armin’s original, and I’ll be jamming out to this for a while I wager. #tbt