Earworm of the Month: Chronicles of A Fallen Love by The Bloody Beetroots (ft. Greta Svabo Bech)

I have to make a public apology. I had the chance to see The Bloody Beetroots both at Electric Zoo and Webster Hall multiple times, and I passed on each occasion. I’m not really sure why, and frankly, considering the track that has been on daily/hourly rotation for a while now, means I need to ensure I don’t miss the next time they’re live in the tri-state area.

Greta Svabo Bech slides into the tune 20 seconds in, with a silky vocal line to compliment the smooth housey beat. It all plays along very nicely, almost drifting into top 40 realm, until a minute in, when the anthemic electro kicks on. This is definitely dirty, but there’s this major chord that would kick the ass of any dance floor it gets dropped on. It’s almost too hard to be progressive, but you only get 40 seconds until it pulls back into that silky fun piano, beat & vocal work. The oscillating between driving house & playful vocals hits a crescendo at 3:38, when the track’s vocals & chords sync, pulling you up and ensuring a potent frisson as long as you still have working auditory nerves.

Get it on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/chronicles-of-a-fallen-love/978045
& iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/chronicles-fallen-love-single/id567556377?affId=1930871

And check out some more of The Bloody Beetroots awesome sauce right here: