Midnight Music: Senbeï – Raïn

SENBEÏ – RAIN from Victor Jardel on Vimeo.

Victor Jardel has created a masterpiece for a music video. Senbeï (woo copy/paste!) is a fascinating artist and this music video really brings out the best in what he’s created. Victor Jardel‘s creatures come to life and I kind of want to be able to 3D print them and put one on my desk in my office. The design is stupendously polished, with the gremlins blending effortlessly into the background in Paris. The retro-infused beat is broken delightfully, and really needs to get a lot more press. The tune straddles turntablism, electro soul, and an almost Japanesese neo-punk aesthetic at times. I know I just used aesthetic to describe a sound, but you’re also reading about something you can listen to & see, so don’t shoot the messenger 😀 It’s a tremendous effort by Senbeï and I’ve definitely put him on my radar. (via Laughing Squid)