Barclays Is Getting A Green Roof?

Gizmodo mentioned the WSJ report that the Barclays Brooklyn Arena is getting a brown/green roof over it. This is kind of a stunning admission considering the idea was proposed & then tossed 6 years ago. Though, while the WSJ doesn’t believe it, I definitely agree with Gizmodo that the primary purpose for the roof has nothing to do with providing a High Line or a green space near Atlantic Avenue. Barclays is loud. As anyone who has moved through the neighborhood it’s in while a party happens can tell you, shit is not ok all the time. I’m all for bomping parties and making the experience as awesome as possible, but like, let’s be respectful. Especially with new developments in the neighborhood every day, it’s just going to get worse. Just imagine if Borgore or Skrillex sold out the stadium. It would vibrate the subway.

James Murphy Wants Each Subway Station To Have Its Own Soundtrack.

James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem wants to make the sterile & dissonant noise associated with the negotation of a Subway turnstile better. The Wall Street Journal reports that Mr. Daft Punk Is Playing In My House found the spare time to give each station unique tones & a set of notes. Additionally, the the melodies would be richer as the station gets busier & it would be played when the subway stops as well.  Anyone want to take odds on if this happens, and if it does, how much hilarious argument there’s gonna be about how stations sound? (via Wall Street Journal, though, why did they say “Musician” in the WSJ?)

Image via The Guardian. (I just thought he kinda looked like a lemur. You all know what a train station looks like)