The Subway Party By Glove & Boots.

This is slightly off topic for me, but since everyone gets to and from most of these parties using cabs or parties, I had to make sure this got eyes. Glove & Boots is one of the best places on YouTube these days, with Johnny T as a highlight of the channel. The subway being a party in a studio apartment with 700 people, none of whom like each other, is the. The. Best explanation of the subway experience during rush hour I’ve ever heard. Now the only thing I can think of whenever I’m on the subway is the ape going “ughhh” when the dude’s playing Sandstorm on his phone.

What I’m saying is, watch this. It is wonderful.

James Murphy Wants Each Subway Station To Have Its Own Soundtrack.

James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem wants to make the sterile & dissonant noise associated with the negotation of a Subway turnstile better. The Wall Street Journal reports that Mr. Daft Punk Is Playing In My House found the spare time to give each station unique tones & a set of notes. Additionally, the the melodies would be richer as the station gets busier & it would be played when the subway stops as well.  Anyone want to take odds on if this happens, and if it does, how much hilarious argument there’s gonna be about how stations sound? (via Wall Street Journal, though, why did they say “Musician” in the WSJ?)

Image via The Guardian. (I just thought he kinda looked like a lemur. You all know what a train station looks like)