Earworm of The Month: “Our Story” by We Are Mako

I’m not sure how Monday is treating you, but just in case you’re getting your ass kicked by the beginning of the work week, check out this track. It’s been on repeat  for me since it dropped on October 11th. The tune is an instant classic that I assume will be put into such wide rotation/use over the next 3 months that I’ll be seeing it advertising an SUV before too long. There is a triumphant feel to every moment of the tune. At 2:30, the track pulls back into an oft-used vocal line that gives the song this hopeful feeling as it builds slowly but gradually. The pressure and anthem feeling is undeniable, and the track just screams serotonin when it pushes out into the breakdown. It’s quick, with everything over and done with by five minutes, thirty seconds, and it’s a free download. With all of this hype, I’m not sure why you’re still reading this. Put the track into your earholes and keep a look out for We Are Mako, because you’ll be hearing about them soon enough.