Party of the Month: Tech Noir by Digital Native

After fitting a bite-sized version of Black Rock City into a raw space in Brooklyn, Digital Native is back with an event that I really could not be more excited for. The theme, the location, the talent and the eventual execution is a long time coming. I have no doubt it will be spectacular.

Digital Native continues to provide liner notes for their events, giving you a dozen photons of inspiration when it comes to the music, the aesthetic and the eventual vibe you’ll be surrounded by. The fbook event page has plenty of pictures and descriptions as to what you should meditate on when it comes to costuming and I’d imagine there will be a number of blade runners, bounty hunters, cyber punks and  femme fatales wandering around the The Red Lotus Room, a sweet ass venue that the Tech Noir production team has managed to acquire for ONE NIGHT ONLY (sorry, force of habit).

Of course, the music is going to be top notch. Led by the Generalissimo of groovy, sexy deep house beats, DJ Pony has not only put out a brand new mix to get you excited for the event, but he continues to drop quality sets weekly all over the city. If you can’t figure out a way to put his music into his ears live and you live in NYC, you clearly haven’t tried hard enough. Get at it and get excited.

DJ Pony will be joined by one of my favorite breakout DJs in the underground in 2012, the lovely & incredibly talented DJ Mysti. She, DJ B3AR, DJ Resy & DJ Horus have fast become the go-to supporting djs for DiSORIENT and Digital Native is right to give them the full attention of their rapidly growing crowd. DJ Mysti’s soulful house & DJ Resy‘s delightfully sexy beats are a perfect compliment to each other, while DJ Horus brings a fantastic old-school & worldly vibe that will compliment the futurism of the deco and the event. Both DJ Resy & Horus were fantastic at GlamTech, so I expect nothing less this time around. DJ B3AR has done some great work as both a DJ and as one of Digital Native’s principal architects so it’s going to be nice to see him performing and not just running around ensuring no one sets the party on fire.

New additions to the lineup include WhiteOwlJaguar, a duo that puts out some very clever muddling of house, future garage (my favorite) and unspecified bass music. Talon & Claw (as they’re called) do some interesting stuff and I’ll be interested to see how the crowd moves to it. Dopeshoes produces & djs some incredibly eclectic work, ranging from tech house to dancehall to chillout to synthpop, so whatever you’re interested in, she can probably handle with finesse and a wink/nod. Rounding out the group is Alex Kofman, who just dropped a sweet podcast for the Love & Family group out in Brooklyn, so obviously, it’s attached below.

The two room venue is going to have some amazing deco, if Digital Love & the End of the World is any indication. The door, supervised by the most fabulous gateway guardian in all of the tri-state area himself, Guncle, so you won’t have to worry about some muscle-bound dude with a clipboard, an ear piece and a velvet rope ruining your night. Make sure to get your tickets in advance so you can spend your time working on your costume. The first two tiers of events are already sold out and considering the fact that Digital Native’s reputation among the undergrounders/burners/party people in NYC is growing by the day, you’ll kick yourself with a cyberpunk boot if you miss this one.

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