Party of the Month: Playa Prom by Easy Village

Tickets are still available for Prom!

With school out for the summer, it seems the natives have gotten restless and out of nowhere Bubbles & Bass has swung into action. With the help of a cast characters from all around the city, they’re dropping a super legit prom on a spot just south of Port Authority. The HK Lounge does well for itself, and the surroundings should work delightfully with the high class, crafty prom Kings & Queens that will fill the space to capacity on the 13th.

One of the things I’m very interested to see is how the crafty, DIY, fabulosity-exuding divas from every gorgeous orifice of this city will interpret the costuming/party theme. I’d imagine there are going to be scores of tiaras to say the least. The photobooth will provide amazing documentation for all while VJ Krunch & (cross fingers) Guillame will be projecting, sampling & mixing eye candy all night. There will be body art to match the completely ridiculous prom dresses that people are going to throw together. Tarot Readings to entice, mystify & clarify, and even a Prom King/Queen crowning. Over the last few weeks, mini-pop up campaigns have started with many prominent underground peeps vying for the top spot already. We’ve still got the 4th of July to get through and these princes & princesses of the night have already begun to clash in their quest for power. Game of the Burner Thrones as it were.

To match the sights for your eyes, there’s going to be an aural feast of epic proportions. Talent has been rallied and a fantastic lineup has been assembled. Institutions on their own, the League of Bass that will be pushing grooves is quite impressive. The shit high school prom band, this will not be. Previously discussed on this blog are Alex Funk, Barney Iller, DJ Resy & Marko Peli. If they need any introduction and you live proximal to NYC, you really need to get your ass in gear. Instead of yammering on about them again, I’ll drop their hotness below. Do your homework, and shake your tail feathers.

Other Gotham-based DJs include Michael White (the mastermind behind the Silent Disco project), PaulOhh, (a deep, techy house DJ that holds his own among these varsity beat wizards) and Deep Woods (10 bucks if you can guess what sub-genre of house they produce). The capstone in that crown is Reda Briki, a soulful but funky French-Algerian DJ who has generated a rather intense following here in NYC, and for good reason, which you’ll see once you hear him.

Bubbles & Bass and the rest of the EASY Village aren’t just grabbing talent from NYC. With Michael NightTime, DJ SaboRafael De La Cruz coming in from Philly & LA the night will assuredly stay hot. Moohmbahton being played at a Burner party? Be still my beating heart. DJ Everyday is making a guest appearance as well, so that will be a rare treat that we usually have trek for. Don’t sleep on it.

There’s more but honestly, by the time you get through the soundcloud links on this page, if you’re not down to get a ticket while they’re still there (Advance & tier 1 sold out as of this writing), I’m not really sure how else to get you in on this. Prom dresses, wacky tuxedos, stupendous house music, a sweet venue centrally located, and no one will fail at pinning a corsage on you for 10 minutes. I mean, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

This is Terry Gotham, see you on the dance floor.

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