Freak Kitchen’s New Music Video For “Freak of the Week” Is Epic.

In case you thought metal was dead, someone finally did the thing we’ve been waiting for since our Anime Music Video periods in college (Don’t play, you know what I’m talking about). This song is totally the triumphant metal some of us know and love. However it’s presented using some of the best animation I’ve ever seen for a music video. This smacks of Metalocalypse but in almost a Japanese anime kind of way. There’s a legendary feel that I really want to see as a cartoon. The singing, guitar work & power chords are all exactly what they need to be to make this song a success. The Freak of the Week idea is a great way to break into the genre and make a splash with a single. Hopefully these guys get some attention and you’re as entertained by this as I am.


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