First Saturday Night Event at the former Limelight is Up! Voodoo on the Bayou November 2nd!

We’re back with continuing coverage of the space that Limelight used to reside in, the Church most recently known as Avalon. The first non-kiddie pool party, that will really let you cut loose and enjoy the room, is going down a full 3 days after the space has its first dance event. What can I say, my friends are relentless. Saturday, get a chance to shake your groove thang at a combination Day of the Dead & Touissaint-themed All Saints Day event where all hell will most likely break loose. And, as always, the music is going to be absolutely fantastic.

Barney Iller. I’m not going to say anymore about this person, because if you don’t know my feelings on this beat Jedi, you must not have done your reading. Just search the tag on this article for some education on how wonderful this selectro of selectros can be. Orange Krush has been absolutely killing it for months now and has been documented here and here on this blog, so you know there’s going to be a phat set of bratty, bouncey house for you to enjoy. Elixir is a hired gun from Philly that doesn’t disappoint, and his appearance at GlamTech this year solidified his place in the “pay to get this dude in from out of town” echelon of DJs within the burner community, not an easy achievement by any stretch of the imagination.

DJ B3AR has been discussed previously on this blog, and I’m glad that he’s getting a chance to spin at a famed venue like this, especially in its opening week. He’s got a lot of talent and I’m really glad he’s been given the opportunity to blow up the church with previous Digital Native partner-in-crime WhiteOwlJaguar. WOJ killed it at TechNoir and has been steadily creeping into the underground house music listener here in Gotham. Their deep, tech-y house is potent and they execute exquisitely. I bet the Disco Fist will feature prominently as well. Travisty lines out the Deep/Tech/House mix that still has some surprises in it I’m told.

That means one DJ or two more. I’ll push those updates here when they’re announced of course. FDVM has been added to the line-up! This is a serious addition. Check out this amazing track of theirs using the Charlie Chaplin Great Dictator speech. Their October Mix is below. You know what to do with those mixes and get tickets here:

3 thoughts on “First Saturday Night Event at the former Limelight is Up! Voodoo on the Bayou November 2nd!

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