Hometown Fire: whiteowljaguar

I’ve been a fan of whiteowljaguar for the last 6 months, and thankfully, they’ve kept pushing & rising, blazing a trail through the NYC burner & underground community as fast as their signature accessory, the Disco Fist can illuminate a path through the dance floor. There is a deep understanding of tech, minimal, house and bass that ushers forth from the duo that cannot be denied. I first discovered their sound at TechNoir several months back and I’ve tried to get out to support as often as my clusterfuck schedule allows. There’s a lot of talent here and check out what they did for Tech Noir if you don’t believe me. The yin & yang of the power couple/DJ duo can’t be ignored, as they snatch control of the decks away from each other mid-set, chasing some amazing groove down the aural rabbit hole it’s scampering into.

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First Saturday Night Event at the former Limelight is Up! Voodoo on the Bayou November 2nd!


We’re back with continuing coverage of the space that Limelight used to reside in, the Church most recently known as Avalon. The first non-kiddie pool party, that will really let you cut loose and enjoy the room, is going down a full 3 days after the space has its first dance event. What can I say, my friends are relentless. Saturday, get a chance to shake your groove thang at a combination Day of the Dead & Touissaint-themed All Saints Day event where all hell will most likely break loose. And, as always, the music is going to be absolutely fantastic.

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