The Track That Might’ve Changed Things For Good In 2013.

This track was shared/favorited/retweeted the world over, with 350k plays in 1 week. For Skrillex or a Triple A artist, this is no sweat, but Daleri was a total unknown. They created a minute mashup of everything that was wrong with dance music last year, as illustrated by the Beatport Top 100. Listen to it if you don’t believe me. I tweeted about it whenever it came out, but one of the things I have to agree with Mixmag about now, the charts the tunes within the mashup came from on Beatport, are different now. The staccato beat/drop + wow so epic build pattern was repeated over and over, isn’t gone completely, but the diversity is growing, and the “let’s all do the same thing” has weakened a bit for the moment. Do you think we need more audio-based commentary like what Daleri did?


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