Midweek Music: Yellow@TheLight, Kasbo, Zisotto, Naderi & Soulwax!

As the temperature drops & the hoodies start making an appearance, it’s time for another 5 tracks for your midweek music fix. A mix of up & down, but all future fresh. Enjoy!

Hang Massive is such a gorgeous track. Dropped by the globetrotting surfer/DJ Yellow@TheLight, this is one you want to put on after a long day. Pour a nice glass of red wine, light a cigar and let it just smooth you out.
The only thing better than a Kasbo remix is a Kasbo original. This one features scintillating bass and a heavy dose of feels. Smartly mastered & including a no-bullshit free download, it’s just another example of Kasbo doing exactly what he needs to as he climbs the charts. Watch him get legit festival slots next summer, you heard it here first.
Switching gears, this tune by Zisotto is one to vibe out to. Highly meditative and reminiscent of the most ethereal parts of Chrono Trigger, I’m delighted to be recommending an Overclocked Remix, as this site was crucial to broadening my aural horizons back in the 2000’s. This 9 minute sonata is a lush, complex masterwork of ambient homage. Turn this on and drift away my friends. You won’t regret it.
This Naderi remix of a Keys N Krates banger hits all the right notes. It’s got the Future Bass feel we’ve all been jonesing for recently, highlighting Katy B’s stellar vocal work. It’s dark & gorgeous, with just a touch of the edge that keeps it from getting too cutesy or poppy. Naderi’s made a great first impression on me here, definitely getting added to some playlists.
Soulwax & Tame Impala. I was skeptical at first, but within seconds, my fears were banished. Soulwax slips a funky motif into the mix and we’re all better for it. Soulwax is one of those luminaries in the field, and reworking the masterful Tame Impala was a tall order. But they nailed it.

Midweek Music: Seven Lions, Kasbo, REZZ, Wax Motif & Louis Futon

summerAugust is almost done! Have you done all the brunch into day drinking & Sunday night partying you needed to get done before September arrives? Never try and put Seven Lions in a box again. After many blogs have tried to pigeonhole him as a dubstep or hard edged DJ, he pushes out shimmering sunshine melodic house for your patio drinking pleasure. Off Casablanca Records, this tune must have Vitamin C in it, with Lights lending her stellar vocal stylings to the track. Great little gem for your midweek slump.
Wax Motif has been making waves slowly, burbling up from the depths of Soundcloud & YouTube music channels. This is his debut release on Mad Decent, so you know that it’s going to be a massive banger. The R&B infused beats fuse with the Mad Decent party vibe really well on this, so I hope someone takes notice and starts booking this cinematic trap sound out into more festivals. I think it could do quite well with a greater audience, so let me know if you agree in the comments of course. (via This Song Is Sick)
KASBO is a name you should know by now, as I’ve mentioned him more than once around these parts.  The urgent progressive vibe combined with the future style we’ve grown to love from him works perfectly here. Out on Monstercat, the track shines & deserves your actual cash. (Via Stoney RoadsREZZ is back! The heir apparent to Gesaffelstein, there are very few doing techno the way she is, and I couldn’t be more proud of her earning a Nest HQ release. Getting a single on Skrillex’s label is big, and she should be very proud of herself. We certainly are! This techno is not your friend. Though REZZ might be, if you ask nicely.
I freaking love Louis Futon. I think he’s got the perfect vibe for this era. Like, his soothing, but anthemic future sound probably couldn’t have worked in 2010, or even 2013. But right now, it’s exactly what I need in my remix work. He’s killing it out there these days, and his skills are in full effect 3min in. This is my midweek jam right here, and it’ll be yours by the time the track is over.

Midweek Music: Kasbo, Kasum, Le Dos-on, TroyBoi & Armand Van Helden

summerI saw sweaters & darker colors at Uniqlo this week, which means only one thing. We’re hitting the back end of July & there aren’t many moist summer weekends left in NYC. Don’t let them go to waste folks, still lots of time to have experiences that you’ll remember forever. Here’s a soundtrack for while you’re having them, or even for while you’re just scheming/dreaming about em.
KASBO kicks us off with a sun drenched future bass delight that needs to be on your beach playlist. A vibe that can only be described as triumphant melancholy, a rooftop bar feel that melds with almost sad vocals, twisted & stretched into sonic taffy.  After this single, you’re going to definitely mob Kasum‘s social media. The soundtrack of high school for the older millennials & I has been reworked by Kasum into a scintillating, shimmering day club tune. The syncopated bassline fused with the perfect 3EB vocals has been repped by the original band & you really need to bomp this with the windows open. The only thing you can say to yourself is TUNE! This is the gem of the week, so make sure to tell Kasum how dope it is.  Switching gears entirely, I’m delighted to showcase a track that will be entirely too hard/fast for a great number of you. It’s from a genre called Freeform Trance. The hallmarks of this genre include exceptionally fast BPM, heavy low-end, trance-infused melodies, major chords and a throw back to happy hardcore, that goofy genre that exploded across the world during the Rave movement of the 90’s. This stuff is anything but dopey. This genre holds (in my opinion) the hardest & most powerful builds/breakdowns/drops. The build that crescendos at 2:50 and rises into the massive drop at 3:30 is indicative of a genre & scene that would blow past most of the brolectro & even the hardcore dubstep out there. This stuff is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re into it, there’s nothing else like it. Le Dos-On is what he goes by, but you may have also heard of him by the name of Hyphen. Freeform Trance from Japan Tell your friends you listen to it and they’ll think you gained a level in EDM hipster points 😉  TroyBoi is a shining star. The Future R&B wunderkind blends garage, global bass, chill & some distinctly UK sensibilities. Nefera provides stellar vocals that Troyboi drizzles perfect chords and bass over. This track is less than a week old & it’s already racked 127,000 hits. You may not have heard of TroyBoi, but you will. This dude is skyrocketing to the top of the production pyramid, as these precious 4 minutes demonstrate. Rounding out the pack this week is the always on time Armand Van Helden. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve got years of music to listen to. Helden essentially created the pop remix for everyone not playing the home game. He brings in a deep, but surprisingly round & technical feel to one of the new singles off Disclosure’s album CARACAL. It’s a fluid, signature 90’s flow with an impressive dual drop structure. This is one for the warehouses, the club, the tech house music dens all over the world. A DJ track start to finish, so EDM kids, you’re gonna be mad. Or you’re going to love it. Hit up the comments and tell me which.

Midnight Music: Vance Joy – Riptide (Kasbo Remix)

Vance Joy - Riptide (Kasbo Remix)Kasbo has been on my radar for a minute now. His almost sensual understanding of trap beats is on full effect here. This Riptide remix is one of the best out there . This seeming fusion between shimmering electro, chill trap & almost chiptunes give the remix an unmistakable edge. This is Kasbo at his best. Instead of trap being used to get girls to grind, or bros to fist bump, this takes us a journey that I frankly couldn’t have taken with the original. And it’s a Free Download, so we have nothing to complain about. This is great work from an artist you’re going to be hearing a lot more of in the future. But, you know that, because, why else would I be talking about them of course? Show him some love and bomp the rest of his ish too. The Sir Rock remix is dope as well. (via This Song Is Sick, great pick up by Mr. Guarino.)


Midnight Music: Kasbo – Reaching

And the time is finally upon us. Trap is going the way of Dubstep, and we’re beginning to see chilltrap producers popping up with the competence of the wave of chillstep DJs & Producers that came before them. This maturation of the genre is starting to be my favorite time in the life of any burgeoning class of dance music. First the genre gets big, then it slowly contracts while the amazing producers take the same elements that were cranked to 11 and work with them at a controlled level, producing some astonishing work after the “party” has ended. 40 seconds in definitely puts a spin on Trap in a way that I’d not heard since Minnesota was starting out. The summer vibes combined with an almost big room house feel make for an interesting tune from someone who isn’t even out of high school yet. Hit up the Soundcloud and show the Swedish 18yr old some love.