Chronicles of Sound “Travels” EP Is A Musical Journey.

I first brought you info on the Chronicles of Sound project back in October when their first album came out. They recently pushed out a chill transitional EP, bridging the gap and continuing the story song of the heroes, as they search for the way to make their planet rotate once again. I know, intense. Excellently scored and potently executed, it’s a lovely morsel of fun to tide me over until Revolutions Part II. The Sound feels great, especially if you’ve read the comic story. Dead River Down, while short, is sweet and I definitely want to see a Sonic 3 or Mega Man X AMV with this tune post haste. Crossing the Divine Sea has a triumphant, cut-scene-like quality that makes me want to bust out my SNES. Shadow of the Verge is appropriately bewildering, and reminds me of Verdis Quo in Daft Punk’s Discovery album.  Can whatever happens at 1:40 to 1:48 of FM’s Lab get expanded into it’s entire own song? I’m a huge fan, but that little throbbing electronic build could be something massive. Pick the whole thing up here, and toss em what you can so they can keep telling this story!


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