Dayside: Chronicles of Sound Album Review (Old Timey Hedgehog)

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This month, I’m presenting a combo graphic novel & debut album from some very talented people calling themselves the Chronicles of Sound. The idea is fresh and well executed. I saw them live an age ago, and their live covers of fan favorites can be found here, here and here. But, this is about their album, which is based around a concept I absolutely love. It’s a soundtrack to an accompanying graphic novel, telling the first part of the story and introducing the world the characters exist in. The non-rotating planet idea & sound-as-weapon arcs are intriguing, and it’s drawn quite well for a free download. There’s a hunger that can be felt in both the music and the art, where you can tell people are super into this. There are undertones of Interstella 5555 for the more well-versed in Daft Punk among you, which is a huge compliment.

The album starts with Revolutions (Dayside), a fantastic, true to form overworld map theme if I’ve ever heard one. Dayside is a wonderful way to introduce an album, a band and a concept. There’s some good instrumental work, while sounding like it is as fun to play as it is to dance to.

The City Gate provides an interesting, yet ominous tune that still maintains the Western feel of the story, bookended by soothing vocals. General Lysander mirrors the antagonism in the graphic novel well and also smells strongly of 8/16bit adversarial cut-scenes. The violin addition is icing on the cake for the theme.

Logi is a dancey, synth-filled indie sound that I hope gets picked up for a soundtrack or an awesome action scene in something soon. It breaks into a breakbeat melody with a dash of glitch for all to enjoy. Ardhana introduces some good, indie vocals that work well, and add dimension to the group I didn’t expect, but welcomed. The lyrics are consistent with the story-world and the character the track is named after as well, just in case you’re paying attention to that too.

Solan pulls the album back in that distinctive Western feel, which matches the character, adding a laid-back attitude to the persona that fits. Skirmish on the Tank has the frenetic feel of any good RPG battle, which I hope is the next step for this storyworld, as I could probably beat up The Verge (bad guys in the world) for days. Victory! proves to me everyone involved played Final Fantasy. Which is also a good thing.

The Sound is a melodic, lush and meditative tune that really pushes what I thought the group was capable of from a production perspective. Fallen Hero compliments the mood in step with the plot, and it adds a dimension to the storytelling that you just don’t get reading it by itself.

The album ends with a trio of triumphant tracks. The Verge Will Fall has power chords to match the energy of the chanting anthem above the driving keys, guitar and violin. The Battle of Nimbo escalates the energy with some smooth piano work, layering even more rock on top. All I can say is I want to see this music video.  Journey to the Night closes out the first part of the journey with our heroes playing to the strengths of the group and exciting me for Part II. I think you’d like both, so check them out and throw them a few bucks for their efforts. It’s a great idea and I want to see if the Emperor goes down.


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