Chronicles of Sound “Travels” EP Is A Musical Journey.

I first brought you info on the Chronicles of Sound project back in October when their first album came out. They recently pushed out a chill transitional EP, bridging the gap and continuing the story song of the heroes, as they search for the way to make their planet rotate once again. I know, intense. Excellently scored and potently executed, it’s a lovely morsel of fun to tide me over until Revolutions Part II. The Sound feels great, especially if you’ve read the comic story. Dead River Down, while short, is sweet and I definitely want to see a Sonic 3 or Mega Man X AMV with this tune post haste. Crossing the Divine Sea has a triumphant, cut-scene-like quality that makes me want to bust out my SNES. Shadow of the Verge is appropriately bewildering, and reminds me of Verdis Quo in Daft Punk’s Discovery album.  Can whatever happens at 1:40 to 1:48 of FM’s Lab get expanded into it’s entire own song? I’m a huge fan, but that little throbbing electronic build could be something massive. Pick the whole thing up here, and toss em what you can so they can keep telling this story!

Dayside: Chronicles of Sound Album Review (Old Timey Hedgehog)

(Check out my latest album review for Old Timey Hedgehog here: 

This month, I’m presenting a combo graphic novel & debut album from some very talented people calling themselves the Chronicles of Sound. The idea is fresh and well executed. I saw them live an age ago, and their live covers of fan favorites can be found here, here and here. But, this is about their album, which is based around a concept I absolutely love. It’s a soundtrack to an accompanying graphic novel, telling the first part of the story and introducing the world the characters exist in. The non-rotating planet idea & sound-as-weapon arcs are intriguing, and it’s drawn quite well for a free download. There’s a hunger that can be felt in both the music and the art, where you can tell people are super into this. There are undertones of Interstella 5555 for the more well-versed in Daft Punk among you, which is a huge compliment.

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22 Tracks you Missed in March 2013

It’s that time again! As March has left us and we’re shining in the new April sun, here’s my backwards-looking monthly playlist once again. While there are a few neo-swing tracks on the set, there’s a chilled lady lyricist named SAMMUS, a bunch of great drum & bass by a kid named Keeno, an experimental piece by Andrew Rayel (probably the only non-trance track you’ll ever hear from him, as the other track by him on the set is MASSIVE trance from ASOT 600 in Miami) & a sweet guitar piece by newly formed rocky/VG’y group Chronicles of Sound. Additionally, another track by my underground favorite MitiS, a super heavy track (not to be played in big rooms) by Candyland, a meditative track by Exist Strategy and a fun little bollywood ditty by DJ Prashant Kakad, of the Jai Ho dance parties in Portland & Seattle. Oh, and Star Wars themed trap from LA, because, IT’S A TRAP!

Peep the tunes and of course, get at the artists if you like what they’re dropping 😀