Broke On Holiday: Turkey Football Hate Family Weekend!

That’s right, the holidays are upon us again, and hundreds of thousands of people will be coming home for the weekend. To spend time with family, get uncomfortably close to barfing up that 3rd helping of mashed potatoes and then hate the people they’re surrounded by so much, they need to get to a freaking party as quickly as possible. To that end, I’ve rounded up some of the fairer bargains that ensure you have a good night instead of  playing the “argue with Uncle about immigration” game with your cousins.

This looks to be one of the crazier things going down the night before Turkey Day. Amazura & Snap! are teaming up to throw a Free 18+ hardstyle event. I can’t remember the last time this much hardstyle was in one place in NYC, much less for zero dollars. While rave bros can go on about how “Hardcore” banging electro, Michael Baystep & Garrix-infused Big Room is, hardstyle will blow that all away. If you want to see what a “rave” looks like in 2014, this may be what you’re looking for. With this many LED lights & bodypainting by Kirkworx Dupuis and his Bodyworx team, this will be a delightful shit show.

On the opposite end of the “cheap NYC” cost spectrum, a 25-30 buck night usually needs to be dope to get my attention, and this blow out at Webster Hall Wednesday night is no exception. Zeds Dead, Meaux Green, Alex Englsih, Dali & Lestat are backed up by, essentially a platoon of DJs, making sure the multiple levels of Web Hall turn into one big ass party.

Downtown at Le Poisson Rouge, Eris Revolution brings Dennis Sheperd to NYC. Eris Revolution & Esscala Entertainment have become critical to my trance needs. They’ve consistently brought top shelf talent to a house city, on a house coast, of a house country. I don’t know where I’d be without them, but my serotonin thanks them forever. Sylvia Tosun will be performing her new collab with Shepard, and if her performance at FSOE350 with Aly & Fila is any indication, this is going to be one hell of a show. Moneta, Monoverse & Thomas Datt provide some local excellent trance support as well. Get them tix here before you can’t afford them, as they’re cheap now, but that’s gonna change.

In case you thought the harder end of the spectrum of non-dance music was dead, we’ve got you covered. DARK DANCE-GOTH-NEW WAVE-INDUSTRIAL-SYNTH Legit Goth, New Wave, Industrial & Synth on the island of Manhattan. 21+ and you get 2 bucks off if you bring the flyer. Centrally located and cheap, so if you’re into the leather, the stompy, the tentacle hair extensions & the cyberpunk universe, you know where to skulk away from your terribly boring family.

Verboten is serving up another Thanksgiving Eve night, featuring a bunch of quality artists & my boy Faya. In case you weren’t sure, I raved about this guy before, and at some point I’m going to be able to sit down with him and get the details on how he’s helped turn Verboten into the juggernaut that it’s become. Green Velvet vs. Cajmere should be a great show, so if you’re in BK, this is where you should be heading before going out to LI to see the fam.


Don’t go out on Thanksgiving night. Seriously. Stay home, let things digest, try and make nice with the people you care about, and get a good night’s sleep. The party will wait for you, I promise.


Just in case you thought psychedelic trance had died, it seems the day after Thanksgiving, your prayers have been answered. It’s terribly rare these days to see a full-on psytrance event in NYC. The bars don’t really like it, with the cops never really having figured out how to handle the psytrance crews. It looks to be an absolute mind-fuck of a show, so even though it’s a bit pricier, think hard on this. Info & tickets here, as this is going to be a rare treat.


Saturday night, my people over at TechNoir will be treating you right. A free party, especially if you get there before Midnight, showcasing FaltyDL with Sleepy & Boo, the NYC institutions, backing them up. With Alex English holding it down, and Slake slowly becoming the place to be, when you need something bigger than a bar, but smaller than some clusterfuck warehouse, this is definitely one of the better things going on the Saturday after Turkey Day, so get down there if your family has started arguing about who gets the last piece of pumpkin pie.


If you’re looking for a reason to get away from Sunday Football or the you were coming back to NYC from somewhere else, TBA has you covered. This dope bar in BK near Peter Luger’s will keep you moving with a new party they’re throwing called Ritual Instinct. Featuring Simon WishDaniel OrestesRico Val & PJay are new DJ blood for the pressure cooker that is the NYC Bar & Club scene. The sound will be deep, techy, with a dash of euro and maybe some indie if you play your cards right. More info & the event page is here, so show TBA some love if you’re in that neck of the woods once you wake up from your tryptophan-induced fugue.


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