Playlist: Thanksgiving, 1999 [Indie Rock/ Lo-Fi]

This is wonderful. Brian Jonestown Massacre, Superchunk, Elf Power, Quasi and so much teenage angst it may drip from you speakers. I really will just let the playlist speak for itself.

Imagine you’re a college freshman in 1999, home for Thanksgiving, and you run into a cute girl from your class while out buying smokes at the 7-11, you two talk and hang out, and you put this mix on in the car while you both bitch about how lame your parents are. You might make out, but probably won’t because you’re kind of full from gross Thanksgiving food and so not in the mood, but you’ll call her the next day and probably will make out then.

If you’re not at least 29, this playlist probably sounds horrible and you have no idea what I’m talking about, but don’t worry, it’s all good. You’ll get there one day 😀


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