Midnight Music: Hybrid Minds – Summer Rain [Liquid]

Hybrid Minds does wonderful, wonderful things when it comes to drum & bass. They consistently kill it in the liquid space, in a triumphant, symphonic way over and over. This track is no exception. The meditative kick drums & the bassline melt into the vocals that shine through the darkness. Summer Rain is another proof that Liquid can be bursting with feels as it were. It’s hard to describe how different this sounds comparable to what most people think of in their heads when you say “drum & bass” and I think that’s to the genre’s detriment. This is the stuff that people should be introducing the genre to their friends using, maybe saving the gas mask & camouflage hoodie music for a little later in their listening career. If you want to patronize the Hybrid Minds soundcloud instead of the Liquicity YouTube, that’s below as well. I’m all into this track, and since it’s from 2012, this officially counts as throwback thursday. Happy Turkey Day y’all, groove in your gluttony to this 😀


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