Friday Hip Hop Quartet

The Sun kicks us off with some impressive flow and keeps the energy up. The beats underneath supports the vocals perfectly and the chorus gives us an classic funky vibe that I’m a huge fan of. NicX & 6LACK tag team excellently, which just keeps the track’s pacing where it needs to be.

Nothing Personal by Jbre & Dougie Kent ft. SaneBeats is a menacing, massive track that reminds me of Bone Thugz & Harmony, brought into the world of 2014. This is almost anthem hip hop, with a dark undercurrent that almost makes me think it’s going to bust into a Linkin Park breakdown. It stays on point and keeps pushing the bass and solid vocals into your face throughout. Don’t miss this one.

 Chance the Rapper makes me so happy. This guy needs to get recognized so hard that he spawns an entire sub-genre of hip hop. Sunday Candy feels like there’s a choir behind it, with a broken beat swimming through Chance’s jaw-dropping flow. If you’ve never heard Chance The Rapper before, I’m legitimately jealous that you get to discover him for the first time. Premiered on This Song Is Sick, if this is any indication of what the album is going to sound like, I’m a happy, happy man. He just shows up on this track by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, and he’s still my favorite part.

 Rounding out the quartet is some thoughtful lyrical work by King Terry. This pulls powerfully into spoken word hip hop, and the stream of consciousness story is real and brutal. This kind of post-gangsta flow is exactly what I like to hear because it’s critical for the evolution of the genre. King Terry does great work here and has developed a massive fan base. Don’t be late to his train, or any of the artists featured here.


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